West Beers : Every Thursday @ The Lamb Brewery, W4 4PH

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  • last time i checked yes.

    i think i have south london safety ingrained in my head - although saying that yes I have walked through Stockwell at night lately...
    City could be a goer - however what day are we talking about? I'm out next two thurs as I have a gig and a date with Our Lord God Bill Bailey.

  • doesn't have to be chiswick. Hammersmith, though it's a bit kind to Mouse.. only a mile or so from Putney

  • Bath..

    That way the distance difference becomes negligible.

  • I'm most likely in as wherever you go will be on my way home!

  • ok, well, that's all looking good. anyone want to suggest a boozer for the consumption of booze therein?

  • chizzik is not that far...but if its pissn down riding in from the city, pull of home would be greater.

    hammersmith sounds better.

  • yeh hammersmith is fine

  • how about stone masons?

    plenty of railings and a cover for the smokers
    totally open to suggestions

  • Fsck the smokers! :P

  • I suppose I'm not really a westie..

    just a southener

  • that's my cousin

  • ok, stonemasons it is

    No Homers

  • Yep, sounds good to me...

  • what day?

  • thursday, dear


    have to bow out then, have a good one guys will try and make the next one.

  • What's "No Homers"?

  • no baldy head yellow family men?????

  • So, I'll be okay then, just as soon as my scurvy clears up?

  • Let's get a list going - I live around the corner so won't even have to get the bike out;

    1. SimonC
  • hippy What's "No Homers"?

    No Homers..

    from when homer tried to join the Stonecutters masonic society

    1. SimonC
  • 1.SimonC

  • 1.SimonC

    1. Mouse - I'll have to cycle round the block a few times first cos this is too close to my flat.
  • Ah, just realised I'll need a frickin' sprocket as well.. you got spare?

    I've got a new one (don't know what size) in the spares box if you're coming to the pub.

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West Beers : Every Thursday @ The Lamb Brewery, W4 4PH

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