West Beers : Every Thursday @ The Express Tavern, TW8 0EW

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  • I tried. I'm just going to head east, drink, and watch Jens instead.

  • I've just moved to Willesden too after some time in Cambridge and would be up for some beers too. Anything planned?

  • Sad times.

  • what! I should slap you round the face with DJ's calf leather Rapha glove! I have done it on several occasions, or was that the inappropriate bike TT?

  • Found an old phone in my drawer with a few old wests pics:

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  • You should, I should have remembered you. But no Westy has won it...

  • links are a broken...

  • meh.. OneDrive, i'll upload

  • There's probably still a bike or two hanging in the tree. :)

  • In the QA for last orders, does that count as Wests?

  • You're a legend for putting these up Mike.
    Oh for the good old days and my crazy as fuck friends.

  • Lol at the picture outside the Snow... Who was it that was competing for the White Knight Award in that pic?

    Annabell was very nice, she gave me 50% off a pair of Vans a few weeks later...

  • ha! I believe that's Dicki, Mrak, Big Red, yourself and maybe Gabes?, we even gave her a can while she waited! now that's service.

  • @hael how shit was your camera phone? so many murky photo's, but you can be forgiven for documenting the fresh faced @morgasm and @MaxC
    ahhh good times, though I am glad I always left before it got super messy, apart from that one birthday party where @Señor_Bear turned up in his pigs costume...
    that was an eventful journey home...

  • Ima pencil in my diary a lonely beer (as no one turns up to Wests anymore it appears) at The Queen Adelaide on the 26th March, this will mark my 7 year anniversary with LFGSS.
    Micks hair ^, it's where one direction took all their cues from.

  • I think you can pick the pub of your choice seeing that you're back for what, 4 days?

    In anyway, wherever. See you there!

  • Hahaha Thanks
    True dat, I should be back for the 23rd of April also.

  • @Mini..Cooper, I'm sure I can make a wests just for you..

  • Hey, thanks Corny, I'd love to see you man.

  • Come to Souths it's popping off these days.

  • I might be around too...

  • Souths had always been pretty consistent.
    Be great to catch up with you, Mr Bear and B&D.

  • I was joshing BTW. Souths is a graveyard.

  • Oh! that's such a shame.
    Back when I was a "lfgss newb" South beers had summer bbq's and apple pie bake offs and bike race viewing upstairs and jerk chicken comps (not a euph) bike stacks and weddings and everything.
    So sad...

    However, Wests was still always far more epic in it's debauchery, tramp beers at the special place and its nomadic existence.

  • West is (was) best...

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West Beers : Every Thursday @ The Express Tavern, TW8 0EW

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