I need some lights

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  • ...for riding around town. I'm after something reasonably visible that I can remove easily and most importantly isn't too expensive. Long run times is pretty important too. I'm after a front and back, and want to spend under £30 in total if poss. Anyone got any reccomendations?

  • cateyes from evans although there are some nice knog lights

  • I've got those (although a slightly different back light). The front light is pretty good and you can usually spot any pot holes or any other crap in real badly lit roads... Although I have had it come away from the clip a few times!

  • a tad expensive, don't think they're worth the extra money, and the mounts will become a pain in the arse

  • flickwg a tad expensive, don't think they're worth the extra money, and the mounts will become a pain in the arse

    exactly, i really hate those new cateye mounts. now that they're using those mounts across the board i've decided not to buy anything from cateye until they replace them with sthg else

  • Those knogs arent going to light up anything, they even say on the manufacturers website that they're safety lights only. Plus lithium batteries don't make a great deal of sense for what I want them for. Think I'm going to go for the cateyes, and try not to lose them this time :D

    [edit] new bracket? Whats the problem with them? Not seen one myself yet...

  • I just bought a set of blackburn lights for 20 squids :-

    these fella's

    Get good reviews on the most part, look a bit scary, but hopefully give me that "all round, are you blind, how can you not see me" effect...

    Will let you know if they're much cop when they arrive.

  • christ! there hideous!...it does make me think that aesthetics are something i would consider when buying lights..

  • The cateye combo is a seriously good set of lights. They are a bit expensive but certainly do the job, the front one being particularly bright.

    But and I know this may be contentious, any lights spoil the look of my bike.

    Cant someone design some cool looking lights that actually work?

  • I know what both of you mean, that front light IS a shocker, but also think that most lights make a bike look a bit clunky (except 2 proper off road fella's on a MTB, all covered in mud, that just looks cool...)

    Hippy has some nice ones (Dinotte?), but at £80 for a front and the same for the rear, it was a bit out of ,my price range...

  • they look solid!

  • ive got these http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Model­s.aspx?ModelID=16321 ive been using it for over a month now and yet to change batteries. good value at £20 for the set

    knog ones are bit overpriced...just get the electron backups...smaller, cheaper and prob just as effective

  • Dinottes are very cool but you do pay for it. Even on sale they're more expensive than most other non-HID stuff.

    There was another thread that had £40 Electron lights mentioned. They could be a good option?

    I don't use a Dinotte rear, just the front one btw.

  • I've had this old favourite for a couple of years:


    It clips on and off very quickly and is pretty bright too.

    And if you mount your lights upside down on the handlebars, they don't look quite so shit. Stops them tilting forward when the straps not tight enough too.

  • I have these and I'm quite happy with them:


    On my 'Project list' is to build a bar and stem combo (one piece welded construction) with an inbuilt headlight in the stem, as the bar won't run through the end of the stem the bulb (Luxeon LED most probably) can be fitted in there and I'll do a tidy clip on battery pack not dissimilar to the hope stem kit ones.

    If you attach you rear light right under the seat I think it helps preserve the bikes lines.

  • for £30 you ain't going to get anything that lights up the road much. For safety lights the Knog ones are pretty good - and you don't have ugly attachments on your bike.

  • Aye, I saw them. Figured I'd get the cateyes anyway, because a set of those S-Sun ones with delivery was going to be ~£5 less. Not really worth it IMO.

    On to the next question... can anyone reccomend a battery charger, or should I just plump with the cheapest POS going on ebay?

  • Its helped me to double up on lights: Two front, one pointed at the oncoming traffic, one at the pavement; two rear, one pointing straight back, the other angled towards drivers. Most things think I'm a motorbike and get out of the way.

  • That's a good trick, Alex... I might have to try that.

  • Try Smart LED.
    A Polaris front and the new "Superflash" (Oer Matron!) rear.

    The front is a good bright 5 LED job with the usual on or flash mode.

    The rear is the result of a secret MOD project designed to frighten car drivers at night.
    Seriously powerful strobe type LED.
    Both on E bay.

    Frint about £12,

    rear around £10.


    Still, 2 of the fronts didn't stop me having a blind twat pull out on me.


    Toodle pip.

  • Most LED light sets are adequate for being seen - just make sure they run from AA or AAA batteries, as the tiny camera ones are much more expensive. I have two lights front and rear, one solid, one flashing. Also means that if one packs up you're not totally in the dark.

  • Change batteries often. Too many fecking people out on the road with lights that are barely visible because they're drained their batteries and just because they see a glimmer of an LED at home think it will be bright enough to keep them alive.

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I need some lights

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