Anyone got a cheap bike?

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  • it's for my flatmate and pref under £45 so as long it goes ok thats all he needs.

  • Unlikely you're going to get a bike on here mate for under 45 quid! You'd best be off looking at Gumtree.

  • yeah prob but you never know what people have lurking on the side. i gave away 2 bikes a few months ago that were on my balcony, shit but did the job.

  • can't help I am afraid but give freecycle ago if you have not heard of it and a few tips (by which I mean council recycling places), better results tend to be had at out London boroughs. Might get a bike for a fiver there, gives you 40 to spruce it up.

  • I got an old Raleigh off ebay for £40. I trust it more than gumtree, plus it's easier to search.

  • You might get lucky here, about a month ago i sold one of my beaters for £15. ive got a beater/decent ridgeback im looking to sell for £30 but atm my mates borrowing it

  • so i noticed this post and i was going to suggest the shopper that i had - which was originally (and safely) housed in a camper that live out back, but the owner recently sold the beast, leaving the bikes by the way side. not really valuing it - or the mountain bike also in the pile - i left them both outside, unprotected, but both in particulate bits (i took them apart for a clean & refurb). so, on a whim, i went out side right now to see in what condition this winters rains had left them, when i discovered the mistakes in my ways - both bikes gone! now, for the record, neither of the two of them i spent any money on (only elbow grease), and i did leave them unprotected out side for a long time, so the results of that combination is not surprising, but it still feels kinda lame that i had weird strange stealing people in my yard digging through and making off with my shit. (they did, however, leave the bags of bits - brake leavers, cables, etc - none of which is of any decent quality anyways, but still.)


  • i lost a BMX and a 26" front wheel because of that same type of thing carlos

  • c'est la vie, or some shite. the one thing that does bug, tho, is that the mtb had a really smooth straights (no rise), that i might have had plans for... thats what i get for being careless.

  • jebus, that sucks carlos. you leave the gate unlocked or they sneak in round the back? on a more serious note, they didn't steal my bbq did they? hahaha .... ?

  • found something cheap on ebay .99p at the moment and only up the road so should be sorted unless rusty mountainbikes are the next big thing

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Anyone got a cheap bike?

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