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  • how do you mean it doesnt fully screw down? it shouldn't bottom out on its own threads, it's supposed to but up against the cog to hold it on.

  • The lockring stands proud of the hub by a thread or so on the dura-ace sprocket. On the unbranded sprocket I can screw the lockring down so it's level with the hub as it's a thinner sprocket.

  • A thread or so is fine. It only takes 3 threads to be screwed on to be as strong as it's going to be.
    I know Condor usually carry Mavic lockrings and can order them for £8* if they don't have them in.

    *2006 prices

  • not really, hard to get nuts for them, hard to get sprockets and lockring for em. other than that nice.

    I have a malliard hub on my wheel, for some strange reason it came fitted with a QR axle.

    I actually rode it like that but had a few near misses, changed the axle over to a solid now, worked fine. All the cones etc went on the new axle perfect.

    Mine is built into a seemingly all original period correct wheel,

    a basic singlewall 27 1 1/4 aluminium rim. 36 graying spokes.

    Flip flop, with a 1/8 x 1/4 20t sprocket on one side, and a 3/32 x 1/4 19t sprocket on the other.

    I so far have not been able to remove either lockring, I dont use the 1/8 20t so id happily swap with somebody.

  • I've got a Maillard flip flop hub too but without sprockets or lockring. Now I need to buy these... Do ALL Maillard hubs have the French lockring thread or did they at any stage adopt to the standard English threading? Cheers.

  • No idea, sorry.

    Parkers don't sell the lockring anymore, but SJS Cycles do.­-Cyclo-Lock-Ring-for-Maillard-Atom--Norm­andy-Fixed-Hubs-9265.htm

  • Thanks Sam. Must say I'm a bit reluctant to get that one after reading stonster's post about his French-type SJS lockring failing on him!

  • interesting. been toying with the idea of buying this:­5.html

    for the wheels and few other bits to put on a british frame then selling the frame b/b on.

    good idea?

    EDIT - sorry, i should say that it has maillard hubs. and that i'd have at least temporary use for everything on it bar the frame and b/b.

  • I recently bought a Holdworth with a view to converting to fixed. Luckily it came with a Maillard flip-flop hub, though on one side there is a freewheel for a derailleur block, so the axle is much longer on that side. Anyway, the other side is threaded for fixed, but there was no lockring.

    Having read this thread I sourced a Mavic lockring from Condor (about £9). I fitted it last night but noticed as I was screwing it in that there is a bit of play in the thread. Not when it's tight, but as you're screwing it in you can wobble the ring from side to side a fraction. Only the same amount of wobble as on the fixed cog itself though, to be fair. But the dire warnings above got me worried I might have a mismatch.

    If we assume that the lockring is French threaded, then since the French thread size is the smallest of the three, presumably a French lockring will not even fit onto an English or Italian hub? So it's likely that the hub is French threaded, unless anyone knows of Maillard producing English or Italian-threaded hubs? But as the lockring fits, albeit with play, I wondered if Mavic produced a non-French lockring which I might have been supplied by mistake. Anyone know if they do? I have searched but can't find a reference to a Mavic lockring that isn't French threaded.

    Sorry for raking this thread up from the dead again. I am completely new to fixed but do have a couple of SS bikes, trying to learn about this fixed malarkey.

  • if it's only a tiny bit of play and nothing bound as you tightened it up it's probably ok.

  • So, I have a 1985 Peugeot road bike and a lovely thing it is. Recently had a 'gristle' sound coming from the front. Oh good, needs some fiddling to check some stuff. Turns out the bearings were ruined, the grease was basically gravel and of course the cones need replacing.

    I have now tried 6 different cones and none of them fit snug with the dust caps and I know trying to find different dust caps to fit the hubs and different cones is impossible.

    What do I do? It is the original mallard hub and the wheels are in perfect condition so i really don't want to change them.

    Firstly, where can I get the exact same cones for this hub?

    Secondly, what is my alternative that isn't buying a new wheel or hub?

  • Hello mrmrfox, please have a look at the links below. Most types of cone will either be on the chart or on pages 3&4 of the issuu catalogue. If your specific cone isn’t on there do a bit of research and find out which design of hub yours is a “copy” of and work from there.

    It can be a bit tedious and involve a lot of time with the vernier callipers but once you’ve locked down what you need it’s pretty easy to find a supplier with a google search of the product code.

    It’s worth the effort if the hubs/races are in good nick. All the best mate.­hart.pdf

  • Can't help other that to point out it's Maillard and not Mallard - which may ease your internet searching for info woes.

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Maillard Hub

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