Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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  • Is there any sensible way of building right up to a boundary wall? I was considering leaving a gap behind for construction purposes and filling it with water butts/compost bins etc but the resulting access way would eat in to the interior space. It's right up against a 10' brick wall and under a massive tree so would be mostly protected from light and rain, would just wrapping it in some Tyvek or something a bit more UV resistant be asking for trouble?

    Edit: I guess I could conceivably fix the cladding in place then lift the back wall in to position before constructing the others?

  • Has anyone got one of these:

  • yeah, I did this on two sides. fitting the guttering was the difficult bit but as long as you keep the roof movable you can bring that forward and fix the guttering to that then move in into place and fix as one. Seems to be all fine so far but it's only been up for a couple of months

  • Ahh thats who makes them, I saw one on this listing and assume it was custom­t/ramilles-close/

    EDIT: found it on their projects page, yikes

  • Now everyone known where to go on the rob.

  • And the ply liner is starting to rot…

  • Just what you’d expect for your 14 grand investment

  • Has anyone obtained planning permission to go above the 2.5m height limit within 2m of boundary with permitted development on their shed?

  • No, but I've discussed it with the neighbour and he is happy. Actually he is keen as he thinks it will make his side more secure.
    I'm planning to go to about 2.75m

  • Need some inspo so revisiting this thread!
    Is having bikes hung on a wall vertically on the first floor flat of a 5 storey building with the odd wheel being visible by the road bad/dangerous (x3 bikes there)? Corner on the attached photo

    By chance, since me having my offer accepted the management co are putting 2 asgard bike sheds out front which will be good for the daily bike

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  • I'm going to have to store my bike outside down the side of the house for the next month or so (space indoors will be taken by Christmas tree, extra chairs, etc).

    Any suggestions for a cover and some way to lock it (it won't be visible from the street but there's always the risk of someone jumping over the wall I guess)? Would prefer not to have to drill into walls/floor for an anchor, just wondering what other options there are. Cheers

  • Hi guys, do you have any clever ideas for ceiling mount? Has to be „proper side up”, so bars and saddle up, wheels down. Any better way than regular bicycle lift? It’s a garrage, ceiling is pretty low, so maybe some hooks etc? Anyone done that?

  • Massive motorbike chain and lock, lock them all together along with a couple of motorbike brake disc alarms to pierce the ears of any try hards, then a bit of Tarp to cover.

  • Cheers, only one bike which makes it a bit more awkward in some ways. Good idea on the alarmed lock though, seem to remember mentions of a cheap but decent one somewhere on here.

  • Ah, I have like 6 bikes, anchored to a wall, not much fear of theft where I am but if I wanted to make them immovable I would look a big old chain through the lot of them, one bike that wouldn't work for unfortunately, unless you have something big and heavy to chain it to!

  • I’d go with a good lock to something heavy, a disc lock/alarm and half a dozen cheap locks on to random noisy if moved things, like the glass recycling bin etc. You’ve just got to make it a hassle for them to steal it.

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Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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