Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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  • Has anyone on here considered / used one of the Asgard motorbike stores for bikes? Moving house to somewhere with a shed that may need to double up as bike storage - the motorbike sheds seem to be the same size, and could then have bikes + other stuff. Any reason not to do this? Are they as secure as a normal Asgard?

  • I am storing 11 bikes in my shed, with room for 4 more. They all fit in a 3800mm run. Only 5 pictured.

    You’ll need more space if bars are wider e.g. MTBs

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  • That looks ideal. My garage currently has a low roof, but that should be changing at some point. I'm losing a lean to with storage for three kids' bikes, two of mine and a BMX, and I should really move three out of the house too

    Are the carbon wheels are ok hanging off the hooks too?

  • Are the carbon wheels are ok hanging off the hooks too?

    The hooks have a rubber coating so no issues.

  • I am moving to a decent sized garage with a house attached soon so am looking at wall mounted bike storage. I bought a couple of the Halfords brackets that hook your wheel with the bike hanging below, these were cheap from local FB. The garage is breeze block so is there anything I need to consider when putting these up? my bikes are utility rather than svelte racing jobbies.

    Is there any advantage to putting up a wooden batten then screwing the hooks to this?

  • Judging by the size of the garages some of you are posting pictures of, I suspect some of you may have escaped to the burbs. Anyone using a garage to store bikes in London? If so, any suggestions on safety? Am wondering whether to get Sheffield stands sunk in the cement floor or something a bit more elegant but less secure, perhaps on the walls, and whether to get the old up-and-over garage door replaced with a roller (which might require negotiating with the neighbours) or just to attach some kind of additional bolting system to it.

  • You’ll need more space if bars are wider e.g. MTBs

    20 second job to turn bars (torx because fuck hex)
    I have less horizontal space in mine, used Velo Hinge, great product, the overall protrusion of 5 bikes is astonishingly slim, I turn bars on MTB.

  • garage with a house attached

    I like people who have their priorities sorted.

  • Seen some positive chat about the Topeak Dual Touch and Lifeline/Wiggle equivalent vertical stands and just wanting to make doubly sure before I pull the trigger - do they actually need screwing into place or does the floor to ceiling wedging work well enough to store two bikes?

    Or what are decent alternatives to store two bikes in the space of roughly one in a rented accommodation? 🤔

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Another alternative is a Feedback Sports Velo Cache. Freestanding rather than leaning, wedged or screwed. I will be getting one soon

  • TBH, I'm pretty sure they're the same construction as the bike ones.

  • Yeah they looked to be - and could solve my shed needs at the same time. Just seems a bit too easy to be true....

  • I need a temporary outside storage place until I can get my proper shed built. Something about 6' x 3' or 7' x 3'. Full height rather than a bike store. Googled a lot but most are either out of stock or a long lead time. Any ideas?

  • Yes, they work. I used a Minoura Biketower for years.

  • Cheers, that wasn’t on the radar 👍

    @Oddo ah that’s great to know, thanks! And that was without screwing anything, just wedging? If that’s the case I might pull the trigger on the Lifeline as it’s the cheapest option and gets good reviews

  • I have the Lifeline with two bikes on it and it's been fine. No screwing involved

  • Feedback Velo Cache arrived today. Easy to set up, minimal footprint and feels very stable.

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  • Thanks everyone for the feedback and suggestions! Ended up ordering a Lifeline pole hanger and it works and fixes perfectly!

    For future reference, the manual clearly states it does NOT need fixing in place despite what Wiggle staff might say in the item's Q&A section - would definitely recommend for stacking bikes in a rented place 👍

  • Pragmasis is a great source of security-related info, and their customer service is very good, too: . If you end up with a roller door for your garage, this would be a good idea to help secure it:­arage-protector/2459t

  • Thanks, will check those out!

  • Hiya! Can anyone recommend a good horizontal mount for a road bike?

    Moving into a new flat atm so want to hang my bike up in the living room, I've got decorators in at the moment so it seems like a good opportunity to get it installed. Most of the walls are plasterboard so its slightly trickier . Has anyone got experience with putting a mount up on a plaster wall? Cactus tongue looks pretty elegant and neat (but pricey), and its fixings are on the same vertical line so it could be drilled direct into a stud which should mean its structurally sound. Any and all tips greatly appreciated thanks!

  • Shed the 1st has arrived. Will just be a garden tool/storage shed as a stop gap until the big bastard can be built. Hoping to go for a 16'x8' pent roof Beast shed with 5' double doors, extra headroom and a 3' over hang. Will need a concrete base.

    Any recommendations for folks in South London that could do it? Considering doing the base 1' oversized (so 17'x9'). @Señor_Bear who did yours?

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  • Mine was done by a garden landscaper called Jamie. I helped him labour and he charged me £450 for his and another guy's time. I bought the materials for another £280 and he bought all the scaffolding boards for the shuttering. All in was £730 and mine is 4.5m x 2.3m (shed is 4.2m x 2.1m).

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Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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