Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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  • I’m about to start sorting my garden and some bike storage. Garden is small and only really need to store one bike outside so was just looking at a 6x3 bike shed. As I will be putting a concrete slab down I was just going to put a couple of ground anchors in but now toying with the idea of putting a Sheffield stand into the slab and then building the shed around it. Anyone got a Sheffield stand at home? Can anyone think of a reason I shouldn’t do this?

  • Pain in the arse to remove later, and if you want it a later house owner may be put off by the thought of ripping it out.

    Ground anchors do make more sense.

  • any bike shads that are longer than normal? I'd like to fit a bike and a buggy in it.

  • Any recommendations for a reasonably priced front garden bike shed? Will only need to store 1-2 bikes as I'll have a proper shed in the back garden (just don't fancy taking the bike through the house each day...)


  • Sorry for the crap photo. Depending on the with, you can easily stock 4 bikes on a table structure. Just need to find a good metal one. A lil bit of foam or yoga mat and it’ll be scratch proof.

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  • Quite happy with this. Generic picture shelf and wall anchor with hook. pedal straps between frames and hook for easy adjustment of angle depending on what bikes are up there.

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  • Massive dredge but how did the thieves get in to a trimetals shed?

    Am looking at a bike shed, Asgard look the most secure but in the space I have it's hard to see how they'd fit because of the doors opening outwards....

  • Massive dredge but how did the thieves get in to a trimetals shed?

    They tried to undo some of the bolts on the top hinge and lever things open (see photo).

    They only really managed to undo one bolt and, even then, the bikes inside were secured with big chains. It was also screwed down to the ground it was standing on and with the fence behind there was no space to get in that way even if they had levered it all apart.

    I put it all back together and then drilled out all of the allen key bolt heads, plus I put a dob of superglue on each bolt/thread on the inside to make sure they couldn't be undone without lots of force (and having access to the inside).

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  • That's really helpful, cheers! I'm in two minds about whether I'm better off with one of these or an Asgard - Asgard seem slightly stronger but are more awkward and it'll be in limited space. Not sure how easy it'll be to get a ground anchor in but will try based on your story!

    Would your break-in put you off buying again / recommending or did you think fair enough?

  • Would your break-in put you off buying again / recommending or did you think fair enough?

    I'd recommend it. That's as far as they managed to get in so I'm happy with that.

  • If you're interested, I'm selling my trimetals as I've now got a large garage...

  • Ooh maybe - how much and where are you based?

  • I'm based in Royston (nr Cambridge)... you'd definitely need to rent a van - they don't come apart easily...

    Mine is one of these in anthracite grey; around 2 years old.

    I'd take £250 for it...

  • Thanks - sadly I think that by the time I've factored in van hire + time to get it, maybe it's more hassle than the saving of buying used is worth. Thanks though

  • Let me know what price would make it worth it...

  • Thanks but I think I'll pass - no idea when I'd have a day to drive up to Royston and get it, even ignoring the cost of the van! Thanks though

  • I could be interested, let me measure up

  • Not sure where you're based but I've got a green Asgard 4 bike that we'll be selling early July ( house move dependent). Based in Caterham, but we've a van if you're nearby.

  • Sure thing - PM me if you have any questions.

  • I'm SE London but don't think the 4 bike will fit in the space I've got - thanks though

  • I don't mean to try to undercut @Soul but I came here to say I've got a Trimetals three bike store to sell - will take £200 for a quick sale because we're moving a week on Monday.

    Happy to help with moving into a van or dismantling - I'm off work next week.­00/#comment14752278

  • this is what i did.. pine slats spaced away from the wall (with a piece of offcut from their ends), icetoolz hooks bolted through them. slats prevent the bikes from contacting and staining the wall

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  • That looks great!
    But what is that bike on the right? Made in the US Slate with super strange Lefty with dropped internals is a first!

  • thanks :)

    more info on that frankenbike over here:­64/

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Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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