Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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  • Got into the new place today, got some nice space to work with, 4x3 meters is my allocated shed space!

    Probably won’t use all of that, just need to get in 2 road bikes, 1 tandem and have space for 2 future kids bikes - only on one balance bike so far. Plus workstand space / storage!

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  • Looking good!

  • Got 4/5 weeks til we actually Move, so want to get it sorted pretty much the day or so after moving day, going to be ace to have proper space after using the kitchen/ bike cupboard and then stuff at work..

    10x8ft seems an obvious option, off to bnq now just to get a feel for the size. Do not think we will go with a bnq shed though

  • Is that an active volcano?

  • I bloody hope not!

  • Personally I’d get the biggest one you can get, I don’t you’ll ever think “I wish the shed was smaller” but I wouldn’t be surprised if you ever think “I wish I had more space”! If you been ‘permitted’ 4x3 by ‘the boss’ I’d use it!! You’ll fill 4x3 very very quick with a few bikes, spares, wheels, tools, workbench etc.

    Depends how handy you are but you can build something that’s considerably sturdier and more substantial for the money than the ‘shed kits’, for the same money. My farther in law recently built a behemoth of a shed, stud construction, fully insulated, ply lined etc. It’s basically a small house, I think he speant £1500 odd on materials - which is a lot - but not when you consider the size and quality of the thing. There’s a tonne of stuff online about building your own if it’s a route you’d consider, I realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though, sometimes you just want the easy option and to have it up and ready to use as quick as possible. If you’re going down the wood ‘pre-fab’ route make sure it’s pressure treated, most are but not all.

  • Ta!

    I’m keen to build it, definitely have the ability but really short on time!

  • Yeh he’s retired so he’s got time on his side! If you want any specifics let me know and I’ll find out.

  • Cheers!

    Not in a rush as we will happily store the bikes in bedroom 3 until it’s ready, but I know I have the weekend, then 4 days to sort everything, 1 day in work then weekend, after that it will be back to limited time to do anything!

  • Yeh, you could probably build it yourself in that amount of time if you had everything prepped and all the materials delivered on day 1 etc.

    The other thing is what are you going to put it on, are you going to concrete that area? Or lay slabs? I assume it’s not going straight on those chippings. Laying whatever foundation you’re going to use is going to eat into any time you’ve got. Although to be fair to you could be building studwork and cutting other timber whilst foundations are being laid if you got someone in to do it for example.

  • the area is the chippings, so clearly will need some proper foundations etc before we get started!

  • I've fitted fork clamps (pictured) along a horizontal aluminium rail; bike attached to clamp with rear wheels resting on the floor and front wheel hung above on hook.
    I've 6 bikes along half of one side of the garage. Planning to fit another rail (this time with valueframe, as shown below) to allow easier overlapping.

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  • Thanks - did I ever post my solution in here? It's this:­2gE

    (first 2 mins if you just want the bike bits)

  • Not storage as such but more locking solution.

    I purchased an Autolok pop up anchor on eBay and got it fitted to the driveway.

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  • For ages I’ve had one bike up on the wall in my studio (shed, outbuilding, whatever) and the other bikes just leant up against each other on one wall. Finally got some hooks and got them up on the wall. Feels good!
    The panel of wood is a last minute solution to the wall being plasterboard and me not trusting hanging bikes on things screwed into plasterboard.

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  • Is there a clug variant or hook suitable for 27.5 x 3” tyre?

    Need to upright store two bikes, one with the above tyre size and another 26 x 2.5” the latter should be easily solved but yet to see a solution for the former?
    Whatever solution will be mounted on double thickness plasterboard wall with toggle anchors(which will take the weight no trouble).
    Any suggestions most welcome.

  • 4x3 meters is my allocated shed space!

    A bit late with this, but disappointed no-one's referred you to this thread, in which you need to start posting. :)

  • Yep - tons of good stuff in that thread. I would definitely recommend building something yourself. I built mine from scratch and it was one of the most fun and satisfying things I’ve done.

  • This is my storage. I have a really small flat so they’re a fix part of the decoration :D. One over the bed with PaulFux wooden wallmount, one in the kitchen with Clug Bike Clip and a few leant against a wall.

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  • PaulFux wooden wallmount

    Any details on this? Wouldn't mind one myself. I need to hand two frames (only) on a wall and need something minimal.

  • I have it a few years now and all I have is this, its a small brand all handmade:­ad-wandhalterung-marcel/

  • If it’s just the frame, you could probably get away with something super minimal. Like a simple wooden dowel with a little radius out of the end for the top tube to sit on.

  • If its just the frame, a few nails on stem, seatpost and BB will also do the job. I did it too. You can see it in my middle-picture in the upper right corner.

  • Cheers for the suggestions - these are great. I'm gonna make something out of some bits of oak, I think, and was just looking to steal designs. A shelf for a plant is a nice touch.

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Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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