Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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  • Is storing a bicycle near a radiator something I should avoid?

  • Carbon in direct contact with a hot radiator might no be happy but I had two (one steel, one alu with crabon forks) on a vertical stand right next to a large double radiator with no issues.

  • Thanks. I can put the metal ones nearest to the radiator and have the crabon a bit further away. I just wasn't sure about how paint/bearings/bar tape would feel about living near a heat source.

  • Does any off-the-shelf (pardon the pun) rack with multiple hooks like this exist?:

    Or is it a DIY job? And has anyone built something like it?

  • That shelf was commissioned. I did something vaguely similar in my basement, but self-standing. It's not pretty but it works, and cost very little as it was made out of reclimbed timber.

  • When you need to store you bikes in your room and you don’t have enough floor space one can always improvise:

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  • Does anyone make an more visually attractive version of this?

    I.e. two bikes on the same hook?

  • Ribbed, for your pleasure...

  • Spam alert - I have some Cycloc Endo mounts for sale here -­76/#comment14032003

  • Those £3.99 Decathlon hooks are good, aye?

  • Nice work!

    Using anything to protect the wall from the tyres?

  • Not yet. Trying to work out what the easiest solution would be. At the moment it's try not to notice it!

  • Paint the bottom of the tyres white?

  • I have a few spare Clug copies going if anyone wants them? These are 3d printed at 120% and seem to fit 25c's pretty well. Not sure what colours I have at the moment as they were samples as I was trying them out. Happy for collection or post at cost.

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  • I am so happy with my Fasttrack rack setup, currently have 7 bikes in 7.5 feet of horizontal space bar end to bar end. getting them out ain't much fun though.

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  • that looks pretty neat, would sliding hangers be a bad idea to get bikes in/out more easily?

  • I'll happily take these if you can post to Dublin?

  • Shouldn't be a problem. Send me a pm and I'll get you a price for postage.

  • I was under the impression these did kinda slide when I bought them. They do slide but it's so just awkward that pulling one of the bikes on the ends or the silver one in the center off first to let me lean some and make space is just easier.

    Grab and go beaters live on the floor anyways.

  • Some brilliant idea's here:)

  • I store a couple of bikes vertically with clugs and the rear wheel on the ground. In the last few weeks, 3 bikes that have been stored there have all broken a spoke on their rear wheel. I'm beginning to suspect that it might be an issue with the storage method putting pressure on the rear wheel or something. Anyone else have this issue?

  • The static weight of the bike resting on the wheel is surely less stressful than you riding on it.

  • @Fox had spokes loosen themselves completely on a bike hung up from the front wheel for ages. That was more concentrated force for longer but it can do weird things.

  • I have a set up similar to this­ and it's been trouble free. Don't have many 16 spoke wheels mind.

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Bike Storage: Wall mounts, stands, lock-ups, sheds, etc.

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