Gent / Ghent 6-Day (Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent)

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  • Saw that on our list . Hipsters

  • Are you on about track centre or the sears closer to track?

  • Track centre!

  • Bidon is the worst place the city has to offer.
    Expensive and takes ages for them to serve anything.
    And the cycle theme is just for shows. Frekkin hipsters.

    Post ride coffee in café Or, Labath or beers at Moris terrace.

  • Bidon off the list then .

  • Manteca is also nice for beers, if you go try a "Piraat".

  • If you've got a ticket for the seats you can go into track centre, if it's 'not full'

    They sell a fair number of tickets for centre but AFAIK, not enough to fill it to capacity, so you can normally drift down there from your seat at some point.

  • Right then two of our party dont gave tickets for sat night so if anyone is over there with spares (fat chance) let me know .

    Sourced a couple via a guy on the eurostar so all sorted.

    Snowing by the way .

  • Out there now, walked in as the Madison started, just bloody awesome!

    Got tickets to the middle - The missus has KO'd her foot - if anyone has spare seated tickets for Sunday do get in touch!

    (Also if anyone needs 2 tickets for tomorrow, we're probably going to swerve it)

  • If the guy doesn't turn up with the spares we may be in touch . I presume you are staying close to the centre.

  • I think we have a couple spares too, pm if needed

  • Currently in Bar Bidon, can confirm its shit. No bike parking!

  • Free pizza in a bakery . Free champs in the hotel cos the design museum where all over it . Free chocolate in a shop and free soft drinks in a sunglasses shop . No free beer anywhere though ! Ghent is a beautiful city .

  • Who had the talbot musette bag then ?

  • Went on Friday night. Fantastic. Hi to the big gang of Islington CC who were there - nice caps. Go to a bar called the Karper nearby before the start. It's Iljo Keisse's dads' place and full of his jerseys. Agree with the above - Ghent is beautiful. There's also a bike shop with a little bike museum in the basement, called Plum which is worth a visit.

  • Enjoying the last day on eurosport, how quick do the tickets usually sell out?

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  • Absolute scenes

  • This is the first year that all 6 days sold out in advance.

    Tickets for next year go on sale this Monday.

  • It was more like a beer festival with a bit of cycling added on. Keiss was obviously the home town favourite .

    Plus i here kype park was shut with only one way in today due to the high winds .

  • Wattage Cottage


  • Eurosport 2 tonight monday at 7.30pm

  • I'd love to go to this next year; anyone feel up to writing a guide (not, obv, buy finals ticket, check into 5* hotel ;~) Ta)

  • Train to brussels from st pancras 20 min train to ghent . Walk to hotel . Ibis marriot novotel backpackers . Etc walk to park about 20 mins from the centre.

    Walk back following route 1 of tram down safe roads. Cobbled!! Get train home sunday or monday . Pretty straight forward . Food of all types and prices available. Tourist area is expensive. Student areas cheap . We found a choose it cook it thai place that did a massive main with extra rice and a leffe for 15 euros including a tip. No car needed.

    St pancras walk to euston and back oop north.

    Its the phenomenal amount of bikes over there that catches your eye . We arrived in a blizzard so didnt see that originally.

  • Think you mean St Pancras?

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Gent / Ghent 6-Day (Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent)

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