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  • it's my old bike :)

    first time i've seen a pic that actually shows the right colour. i never could, stupid camera :(

  • tommy, you are not invited to the secret london ride :p

  • That Dave Yates has been previously ridden by a right retard.

    what's that supposed to mean ?
    as long as the frame is straight and true it ok innit ?

  • no it means dale is a retard.

    And although that is the best pic yet, still doesn't do it any justice.

  • Provided you don't mind using something that Dogsballs has owned.
    It may be time for a mankini photo so you'll understand the horror.

    I am Hacked2 and I approve of this thread
    I hereby award the thread with .................a certificate

  • what's that supposed to mean ?
    as long as the frame is straight and true it ok innit ?

    Yeah of course it is. It's a nice bike and anyone who buys it will be happy. I'm just taking the piss out of dogsballs.

  • Does anyone off this forum own the vivalo special keirin? hassan says he is selling it for a mate.

  • It's tom.'s...

  • It's tom.'s...


  • those bob jacksons look the tits...

  • Does Cavendish Bicycles have a web site? Ive been looking but I canne' find one?

  • yea, its a bitch to find.
    and there's not much on it.

    they dont even list their contact details on it!
    find them here:­284/2865.php

  • Thanks! A bit thin on content isnt it?

  • yeah. sorry, not an enormous amount of time to put everything up... feel free to stop in though : )

  • Yeah, it is. Before they had that, I could only ever find a single page on another website.

    They've got a pretty good reputation, I've only ever heard great things and they've been good when I've been in there, so I guess they don't need it?

  • Nicest bike i have seen in the flesh for a while + 1 to whoever put that together

  • its a member of the forum's - i had a chat with him when i was in the shop the other day

  • joelounge?!

  • show me show me show me.......

  • You should definitely add the address, contact details and opening times to that blog or any other site related to the store.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

  • You lot are blind. Cavendish are well worth a visit to anyone not already been through the doors

  • Clearly.

    Or the link is as obvious as a polar bear with its eyes shut in a snow storm.

  • Anyone know if Cavendish bicycles is open on Sundays?

  • It isn't.

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Cavendish Cycles

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