• I've got a fork that I want to fit to a frame that it's steerer is only just long enough for, to maximise my room for manoeuvre I want to fit it with a headest with the shortest stack height possible. Anyone got any suggestions, or know of a website that lists the stack heights of headsets. Thanks.

  • Headset stack heights are hard information to find easily. Lots of the Tange headsets (solid but nothing fancy) have stack heights around 31-33mm, while Shimanos are all typically 37.5mm (although there are short stack 105 headsets (32mm?)

    Chris King may be one option, as they have a short stack height option (34.0mm), that is designed to work as long as theres some thread engagement:
    "GripNut is ideal for heavy touring or rough riding conditions. Its design is also a welcome solution for problem forks with damaged or undersized threads and for threaded forks that have been cut too short."

    The first thing to do is make a guesstimate of the stack height you need, following some of the procedures here and a little 'reverse engineering':

    So firstly, how longs your head tube and steering column? As long as theres 30mm+ difference you're probably ok.

  • This is probably the shortest stack height H/S easily available for threaded forks (30.2mm). Basic, but it has a steel lockring which should work better if your threads are still a little too short for this:


  • well, I'm sorry to awaken the dead here but I havethe same problem as poly and I did UTFS and got here.

    any others I should know about? apart from that super expensive chris king and the not-that-short tange? 1" threaded


  • I use a Tange one and for the money its very good.

  • Tange all the way yo!

  • y0! innit.

  • Re-awakening the thread... I have the same issue, I'm probably going to get the Tange but even then it will be close...

    How advisable is it to reface the headtube to make it a few mm shorter? Can this be done on lugged steel?

    If so; Shall I do it before or after the paintjob at Armourtex?

  • I had a spare new Tange one if you want to buy, I bought 2 as I found it hard to find a headset with a low stack.

    I wouldn't try to reface the headtube to try and make it shorter.

  • @bigfella is it the Tange Passage?

    olo: That is threadless, excuse my ignorance but how can you install that on a fork that won't have enough steerer?

  • Yip

  • anyone know where you can buy a 26tpi raleigh headset?

  • I am sorry for this very old dredge but I have the same issue. Please note 1" threadless, NOT 1" threaded.

    Campagnolo Record Threadless at 24.5mm looks to be the shortest stack 1" threadless that I am able to locate anywhere. Anyone know of anything shorter?

    Which brings me onto the next question. What are the shortest stack height 1" or 1 1/8" ahead stems out there, ideally for 26.0 bars, but OS is not impossible either? Ideally I am looking at something at little smaller than the 34mm Rotor S3X, and a little cheaper too.

  • after browsing 1" aheadsets for ages i went cheap and got a Tange TGR, theres not much info about them, its one of those made for cane creek by tange. Not the lightest and has caged bearings but on the plus side it has a low stack reversible design which ive just gone and measured at 11-12mm either side of the head tube. Some of the tange headsets like this one are reversible designs and dont feature a crown race as such - only thing was it was snug to fit the fork race and i had to sand the surface a little - also the top cap is plastic so i swapped it out with a deda 1" cap i had. Seems to do the job and It was so cheap i bought another for when it wears out. Otherwise if you can afford the campy go that route - the reviews are all very good.

  • That is cheap! 23 mm stack height according to cyclebasket.com, which knocks 1.5mm off of the record one, which makes a difference when you are talking about small margins. Only available in black. Thank you schnelly.

    Any other options out there?

    What about small height stems?

  • theres a couple of thomson stems that seem slightly thinner in profile than most.

  • ITM Millennium.

    There's a two and four bolt face-plate version ("Millennium 4 ever").

    The 4 bolt is 36mm; sold my two bolt to @tommmmmmm but I'm sure it was a little less.

    Pretty sure they're no longer made: I got mine from eBay.

    My 4 bolt is 110mm and I have no plans for it: PM if you want it.

  • I bought a stem from you!?

  • You didn't?


    Who the hell was it then?

  • I'm looking for a stem in the 80 to 100 mm range, but thanks anyway.

    The 23mm stack Tange seems to give me enough steerer to make it rideable and safe (but not within what I presume the instruction manual for the stem would say if I had it). That said I am still not 100% happy. An idea someone gave me was to use a steerer bung designed for a carbon steerer, plus a small extra section of steerer tube to make it that bit more secure. Not perfect, but if you are on the margins it might get you that extra bit of security.

    Will look out for an ITM Millenium.

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Can anyone recommend a 1" threadless headset with a short stack height?

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