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  • Maybe it's just because it's a monday and i'm feeling grouchy but here goes (to no one in particular)

    Recently there's been a lot of holier than thou comments on the forum involving words and phrases such as:
    "hipster" and "jumping on the fixed gear bandwagon" to describe "newbies" shopping for, riding or
    talking about fixed gear bikes.

    This is silly. If you've been riding fixed for a short period of time (most of us), or you have just had your
    frame sprayed a just-so colour (a lot of us), or if you work in the.. how shall i put this... service industry (a lot of us),
    and/or if you spend a lot of time on a particular internet forum discussing which cranks to get...

    ...then you shouldn't be going around disdainfully calling people "hipsters" - you are one!! (I include myself in this description btw)

    Instead why not use the term in a more positive, healthy manner (if you must appropriate Americanisms..)

    I'm of to hipster around town on my new bike - i'm ever so proud of it!
    Fancy meeting up for a few pints in town later? We could make a hipster bike tree and stand back admiring it/
    taking photos/ nervously checking them while we sip!

    I'm ready for complete and utter internet annihilation now...

  • Is "hipster" not a derogatory term?

  • BRM666 Is "hipster" not a derogatory term?

    Not necessarily...

  • I think you put spirits in a hipster and drink iton bon fire night.

  • BRM666 Is "hipster" not a derogatory term?

    It's a variation of my nickname! sob

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