Bike polo championship!

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  • i thought i would start this discussion as im sure people have alot of things to do i!
    well done to Yorgo,mike and rob....great game,you deserved to win!
    kudos to mike,rob,Roxy and rakan(sorry if i missed anyone) for organizing the whole was amazing!
    well done to my team mates;Micheal and julian...great few games guys!
    thanks for all the oxford and Manchester teams for making the effort...

  • i was only watching but looked superb - thanks to all the guys and girls, especially The Spokes (and the organisers) for making it a wonderful afternoon!

    i missed everything cause i was all tucked up in bed

    still fell groggy now

    glad it turned out well

    MASSIVE thank you to Rosie for going in place of me and selling some caps and smeearing some love about

  • Could only pop in for about half an hour but looked amazing. Well done to the winning team and all who got involved.
    Who won game of fixed? Did manage to catch the spokes...who were brill.

  • PeterD Could only pop in for about half an hour but looked amazing. Well done to the winning team and all who got involved.
    Who won game of fixed? Did manage to catch the spokes...who were brill.

    mike won fixed. jack came in second after out backward-circling yorgo. great turnout today. the weather helped!

  • only ended up playing 1 game but had a great fucking time. congrats to zombie r.m.y. for kicking ass, and to the oakenden people for putting up a good fight.
    overall i think the entire day went really well. thanks organizers!

  • hi guys I just want to say thanks to everyone that came. It really made all the effort worth while. I hope you all enjoyed it, I know I did. Thanks to all the teams that showed up especially the ones from further afield. and thank to everyone who came and watched.
    What this space for more events. We have plans!!!!!

  • absolute blast today. Gutted I couldn't play but was such good fun just watching, playing on bikes, chatting and drinking - good job to all involved!
    Still chuckling at the 5-0 drubbing the FGL team got at the hands of the Oxford Super Novas - better luck next year guys :-P

  • Yeah it was a great day - thanks to everyone who came and played, watched and hung out - you made it really fun. I was surprised by the amount of people there around 3ish - it was really big! well done everybody....

    We will definitely be doing it again!

  • amazing day!
    1000 thanks to the organisers.
    I don't even understand how Mike survived the whole thing. I left him at the dragon bar 30mins ago, still standing!

    Gotta do this again, in the spring or even before!

  • oh and we need pics!

  • thoroughly fun day.

    cheers to all involved!

  • le car oh and we need pics!

    yes! anyone who took pics or knows people who took pics, link to their websites here please.

  • yeah im well up for seeing that pic of me in midair....i hope it was worth it!

  • ohh yeah not forgetting andy and odge!! great bit of interval entertainment.....KUDOS!!!

  • absolutely cracking day! amazing how everything turned out so well, all thanks to everyone who made it happen!

    rob, dont keep us guessing... :)

  • some photos here, but camera settings were wrong so all grainy­sets/72157602414724165/

    Aidan, one for you :

  • Yep. Nice one to everyone involved. I had a great day, although I wasn't playing and crashed twice in the 2 tricks I was attempting.

    I hope people will keep on playing during the winter and into next springtime, I know I'm gonna show up more.

  • haaa...thanks,it was worth it!

  • .

  • slamm posted this link on a different thread , copying here :­/sets/72157602591882721/

  • NICE one Mike & other organisers! Was a great day - had to dash off early so it's just as well I didn't make it past the first round... Glad that a london Team won in the end - those Oxford guys were a bit tasty, and the Oakenden peeps had mad bike skills too!

  • congrats guys.

  • amazing what it developed into from just a couple of people hanging out there earlier this year.
    Well done. Many thanks to the organizers.

  • Wicked day out and loads of fun - thanks a lot to all the guys organising this and the films. It was a great bike weekend. Only problem is that I went out drinking afterwards and now wish I wasn't at work...

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Bike polo championship!

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