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  • does anyone have a half-link that they would not mind part with for cash or beer?

    I need it to undo the job some half-wit did. My chain is the usual one, which I think is 1/8, right?

  • It's impossible to say what the usual one is... it depends on the manufacturer.... Bianchi bikes for eg. are always 3/32 front 1/8 rear running a 1/8 chain, but a conversion may still be running a 3/32 (which is the 'usual' for a geared bike).... what bike is it?

    What job do you need to undo?? if you just want to get your chain tension correct then you will probably find that it's not really necessary for a half link, most axles will pretty much sit anywhere on the drop-out if they are tight. In my experience they very rarely move. I rode a conversion for a while with about half of the nut on the drop when I used the big cog(21t) for Polo and never had a problem like that. Of course I kept it tight and kept a check on it as one does with their own bike.... but all seemed to be cool. I have since moved to a track frame which is sooooo much better!!

    Sorry I have no half links.... you can get a half-link chain at BLB though, that would solve your problem if you are trying to get the right tension.... I know some guys on here ride with one, seen one or two at Polo.

  • nothing else to add to that really. lol

  • I have got a spare half link - it is a 3/32 - well at least I think it is, as when I used it once it seemed a bit big for my 3/32 chain - and put a big lump in the drive chain that jumped every time it cycled.

    I got mine from this fellow: charlie@charliethebikemonger.com he sells both 1/8" (wide) and 3/32" (narrow) they are £3 each.

    Website shop: http://www.charliethebikemonger.com/page­5.htm

  • Hey I need a 1/8" Half-Link.

    my dropouts are not very deep and the bolts are kinda on the edge. with the chain a bit too tight i think.

    where in City -> Hackney area could i get one easily?

  • oh and are half-links dodgy?

  • not if you put them on properly, they just work like all the other links really

  • I've got a spare one. It's definitely for a 3/32" chain and it also came from Mr Charlie T. Bikemonger. He's a good person to buy stuff from if you want it in a rush. Ordered parts seem to drop through the letterbox within 48 hours of clicking on the Buy It Now button. It's magic! I think he must have some dirt on the Royal Mail.

  • Condor sell them for £2.50

  • I ended up buying one from Charlie T on Ebay.

    Condor is in Camden isn't it?

  • borough possibly
    Town no.

    Grays Inn Road.

  • Reviving an old thread.
    Need to get a 1/8 half link tomorrow as I've just removed a link from my sagging chain and realised there's no way I can risk riding at the end of my (road) dropouts.
    Anyone know if Condor sells 1/8's?
    Anywhere else have them central/north/east?

    Help much appreciated.

    Thanks ;-)

  • |³|MA3K Condor sell them for £2.50

  • I was a bit hasty reading the thread.
    Thanks J, I'll head there in the morn.

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Half link

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