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  • mouse, that was a labour tie

  • @ 31: clearly I've been thinking about the rugby too much

  • kilgore_trout what's up deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. for the most part when i'm riding I AM ANTICIPATING THAT YOU, THE PEDESTRIAN, WILL CONTINUE WALKING FORWARD ALONG YOUR ORIGINAL LINE, therefore I PLAN ON RIDING BEHIND YOU, so, IF YOU KEEP WALKING NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO EITHER OF US. this does NOT mean stand still, stutter step forward and back, and then just stare at me as i hit you.

    fucking meat pylons

    Every bloody day.....

  • Wet road just coming out of Canary Wharf, metal drain cover; front wheel goes out under me.

    Face plant

  • are you OK?

    it was a slidey old day out there.

    pulled some nifty moves myself, to keep face from macadam

  • ouch!

  • Yeah, hope you're not too battered.

    The end of October is officially dangerous :( Time to ease off a bit and make sure any optical prescriptions are up-to-date...

  • kilgore_trout fucking meat pylons

    Hahaha :)

    I danced with some moron today coming down Old Brompton Road. They bloody look at you, step in the road, then just stand there. I usually scream something at them.

    I wish I had one of these to scare the hell out of them:­1

  • RPM forget manouvers , always go straight at 'em.

    if they see you steer to go behind them, they think you are going right at them and step back. Into your new course.

    so I tend to hold course, or go straight at them. they really don't want to get hit, so they pause.

    no-one gets hurt

  • RPM go straight at them.

    I'll try that tomorrow. Could very will be the first time I kill a man, on the other hand. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • good luck.

    ride casual..

    but don't look like you're riding casual..

  • Perhaps if I scream like a madman.

    Revised plan:

    On the way to uni, ride casual.

    On the way back from uni, scream.

  • Slow down.
    Ride at them.
    Point at where you want them to be.
    Or do the "I'm concentrating on the shrubs next to the road, you can step out if you want but I'm not going to see you and you will die."

  • the hippy knows it.

  • I scream like a madman while at uni.

  • @ Stompy: hope you're ok dude.

    I've thought of some nifty way to make my millions by making drain covers grippy but it turns out they're owned by the water companies not the council.

  • eeehhhh Perhaps if I scream like a madman.

    don't know if that will work. back in boston, where my university is notorious for d-bags and cvnts crossing the street, some guy on a fixed was barreling down the main avenue right there and was hollering for people to get out of his way (who were all jaywalking; he had the right of way), and this one husky fellow just stands there, faces the biker and just stares at him, the biker started swerving/cutting back and forth really aggressively, and ended up shoulder to shoulder with this kid, the biker going down way harder than the kid. this fucktard then proceeds to pick himself up off the ground and BRUSH HIS FUCKING SHOULDERS OFF like he's some fly thug wearing some ill threads, walks away, not even an apology.

    so yeah, yelling isn't quite a guarantee.

  • close your eyes and hope for the best?

  • Just leap off your bike at the earliest chance and run away as fast as possible in the opposite direction to the pedestrian.

  • blades on your hubs like that chariot in Ben Hur

  • Mouse @ Stompy: hope you're ok dude.

    I've thought of some nifty way to make my millions by making drain covers grippy but it turns out they're owned by the water companies not the council.

    I read about a trial of extra-grippy drain covers a couple of years ago. They were mainly aimed at motorbikes - dunno what became of it.

    I had someone step out in front of me in Princes Street last week, it was so close that the sleeve of my jacket brushed his arm. Interestingly, I was wearing a hi-viz rain jacket which I very rarely do (as it makes you sweat like b*stard). Perhaps its true that hi-viz is urban camouflage...

  • doesn't matter.

    they have to look at you to see you.

    with the majority of humans in London now barely capable of rational thought and movement, by 2020 will everyone be in a zombie-like state? ferried around by never ending streams of bendy buses?

  • What's the law with respect to pedestrians? I heard somewhere that in th UK that laws are always based in favour of the ped, no matter who was at fault?

  • i had my backwheel slide about 5 inches on a man hole cover a few weeks back, but for some miracle i stayed upright. yeah, last night and this morning very easy to work, the roads are really greasy especially if there hasn't been a lot of rain lately, plus the leaves.

  • yep.

    peds rule.

    although if you are going below the speed limit, all legal and stuff. and some cunt runs out and you hit them, then you wouldn't get prosecuted.

    but in all cases, traffic gives way to peds.

    course, now they know this, the lazy fucks walk all over the road without looking at any time. particularly annoying when our taxes are spent on all these nice crossings and traffic lights to make it safer for them.

    I constantly see people (esp women with young children in tow for some reason) standing in the middle of the busiest, fastest roads in full traffic. Trying to find the smallest gap (or waiting for a driver to stop for them) WHEN THERE IS A CROSSING FIVE YARDS AWAY

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First stack

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