Best lookin seatpost?

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  • I'm on a split decision between supatype or vintage campy record....votes?

  • lovin the supertype - but it all depends on what frame it's going to be sitting on [was going to put it on my frame but just didn't look right]

    Campy record looks good on owt

  • it'll be sitting on this babe, yup this one

  • campy

  • aye, that's 2 of us then...i'll go for campy now,was bidding for one in italy and went for more than 80 sheets!!!!shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit¬≠

  • 80? fucking hell. i was watching one 2 months ago it went for 40.

  • Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

  • oh yeah, +1 for the campy. and it's for the wilier, no other choice.

  • i payed ¬£26 8 months ago, 26.somehing tho i need 27.2

  • kowalski

    correct ! there is only one 'jaguar'

  • hmm i got one from ripley... came with the shit frame, it's 27.2... really really beat up though... spent a whole of last night cleaning out the scum just round the rail clamps!

  • breglis [quote]kowalski

    correct ! there is only one 'jaguar'[/quote]

    indeed a beautiful seatpost but not for that eyethai

  • Here's the post you're lookin' for if you've not already found it.

  • Just realised. Too narrow for you. It's a prime example of the bread too.

  • nah that's not a record.... you'll want the campy shield on the "aero" bit.

  • true. hadn't noticed that. just assumed it was a record.

  • glow [quote]breglis [quote]kowalski

    correct ! there is only one 'jaguar'[/quote]

    indeed a beautiful seatpost but not for that eyethai[/quote]
    That weren't the question, were it?

    You lot gonna get all FGG cos I'm putting one on Deptford Johannsen, the Scarlett of SE8?

  • black supertype on mine and only ¬£35 a bargain

  • oh i just saw the frame and reckon the campag is the one for that.

  • Wow that's pretty heavy. Mine weighs 102.

  • Wouldn't ride on anything else around London.. and it's oh so sexy.. don't you think?

    I hate Campag but even i'd probably fit it to that frame. Okay maybe older D-A, but you'll get shit from all those Ital lovers.

  • asm Wow that's pretty heavy. Mine weighs 102.

    Kilos ?

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Best lookin seatpost?

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