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  • There's that personal aesthetic again

  • is the guy riding a Gios Torino cyclocross that commutes through Islington on here?

  • Tibs maybe? Haven't seen him in ages though!

  • nice thorn step through in hyde park today

  • Young @amey this morning as I cut him up in West Wickham. Good to see you.

  • Bridgestone Anchor sprint (i think) breezing up Clerkenwell road at around 2.45pm yesterday. Both bike and rider looking very swish in full track get up, lovely to see on a sunny day.

    Maybe the guy that also has the gorgeous purple Anchor with neon yellow bartape?

  • A Dolan with reflective pizza slice dangling heading into Lewisham ce soir. Must be on here.

  • Young


  • Ha, I saw them in the Greenwich foot tunnel as well. Was thinking the same thing!

  • Seen a guy on my commute a couple of times going south over Southwark bridge. Green velo orange touring frameset, basket, silver guards, dynamo etc. Looked very LFGSS

  • Guy on a sweet white Moulton Speed with Campag and Egg Beaters, riding down Farringdon to E&C. Looked not on here (but could still be on here). Sick biek.

  • Someone on a nice, LFGSS-y retro Marin with a basket on Penge high street. A nice change from the OTP Specialized/ Treks I normally see on the MAMIL superhighway on the way to and from Surrey.

  • brakless, fixie skidder, riser bars wider than a bus in Crystal Palace.
    Do you just ride round the triangle safe in the knowledge your dental bills are not about to increase or do you 'bomb' the hills?

  • Green on-one (pompino?) fixed coming out of Windsor past Datchet Saturday midday

  • White w/blue Cinelli (Vigorelli?) fixed, seen a couple of times down Herne Hill Road towards LBJ. ‘Sup?

  • maybe @Mr_Smyth on Peckham Rye this morning

  • Was bromptoning to Toolstation Dulwich Lordship Lane for a trim pry bar and heavy duty 2’ scraper.
    As close to Peckham as i ventured.

  • hmm a doppelgänger on a Bowman Weald then!

  • Moooommmm, I mean @hippy ^

  • Any of you commutting around Shadwell on a unicycle?

  • Fixed with beard heading down Haymarket about 1 minute ago. Was just about to pap you when you left

  • hmm a doppelgänger on a Bowman Weald then!

    All the young hipsters aspire to look like @Mr_Smyth

  • @ltc on the waterlink way this morning.

    I see the wide bars and the music kicks in (press play). Yes! It has a white headtube. Yes! It has a disc fork, oh look at the way it he's giving me and the mutt space it must be Loz. We stand to attention, waiting, longing, this it it, it's going to happen.

    Say something you fool, say anything, tell him to do a skid. But then you pass by and i can only stare forward, hoping you don't see me crumble.

    I'm just a boy, standing in front of a cyclist, asking him to see me.

  • Haha, brilliant. Say hi next time! I'm usually running late but I'm not going to miss a chance to meet Nori.

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