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  • Just past the junction of Pilgrims and Hogtrough, passed a chap in LFGSS kit. Not only that but also rocking a magnificent moustache; and a fine paint job on his bike.

    I excitedly demanded a skid, only to be confronted with a look of confusion and a polite ‘pardon?’

    I could’ve sworn it was LFGSS kit…

  • Haha guilty! I was in a state of adrenaline come down after nearly getting cleaned up by an octogenarian on Brastead. Mea culpa will skid next time.

  • Ha, thank gawd for that. Glad you didn’t get done in, Brasted is a nightmare at the best of times.

  • Who was riding through the centre of Greenwich at lunchtime on a lovely gold Rory O'brien with a child in a Hamax?

    Very 'on here' look.

  • Bit late, but Friday night at Loughborough Junction - a polished GT triple triangle with moto bars?

  • One of my colleagues possibly, yellow cranks and cables?

  • Almost certain I've spotted @lava a couple of times now. What's up, do people play polo over here?

  • A pissed off-looking Tim Westwood outside Flat White in Soho.

  • Fluro Orange Brooklyn on the cycleway on Jamaica Road. Think I’ve seen you on some fixed beers rides and maybe a couple of bridges rides as well. Was quite harsh of me to DAS you at such low speed.

  • Polo does happen, though really not enough, especially this season. But what are you doing here?!

  • Bikes spotted on the way to the pub

    Nice cinelli mash in Essex road

    Nice benny gold cinelli mash in angel which nearly got tboned by a car and saved themselves with an impressive stoppie

    Then a saffron on the ol cs6 with tune hubs, v swish

  • living advert for rapha on his way to their new offices, hornsey road area :
    cannondale super X with black/white splatter color scheme, tanwall tyres. full rapha prommuter attire in matching monochrome vibe.

  • Big up to Matt who I chainganged back with on the way back from Richmond - especially given how quick he was on a Brompton!

  • what are you doing here?!

    Not enough at the moment, avoiding the UK as much as possible and trying to work and make a bit of a living.

  • Was that @Jingle_Jangle heading up Glebe Way (into a headwind - face was showing it) into West Wickham at about 1:45 pm today?

  • Was that @Jingle_Jangle heading up Glebe Way (into a headwind - face was showing it) into West Wickham at about 1:45 pm today?

    Yes it was. As you saw, I'm not in peak condition at the moment!

  • Down in Rowlands Castle, someone flying along on an Rivendell Atlantis, basket, swept back bars, looked a treat.

    This sort of style very rarely seen around these parts.

  • @launchpadboi in Dalston. The Stump Jumper was looking good!

  • lolll, had hard time finding the correct meths to burn in my @Belagerent diy stove. appresh the compliments!

  • Candy fade Talbot with Axs in York this morning.

  • dimi's fuji fuck heading towards hoxton

  • @MrBaklava in Epping? Peregrine and luminous bag? Lovely skid you did if so

  • Yep, that was me.

    Happy to oblige the skid!

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