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  • Hope you had a nice ride, it's been a very long time!

  • It has! Was pleasingly cooked when I got back. After I saw you, one of the Brixton guys said, "Someone's come here on a single speed!" I said I had a good idea who.


    The man known as (something like) Hotpants TT, complete with mask, knee pads and the same purple CAAD spotted on Lewisham Way... Wearing jeans! Overdressed, overgeared and still slowashell but forever a forum favourite.

  • I believe I was completely blanked by the ever-suave @retrodicorsa down by the water at Surrey Docks just now.

    I have been blanked by better, but it still cuts.

  • None of my errant offspring remembered I was their father today and I got a puncture on the Peninsula... it was the puncture that really spoiled the moment! Does that get me off the hook? Happy Father's Day and I'll keep my eyes peeled next go around! 😂

  • None of my errant offspring remembered I was their father today


    Glad you didn't see me, as I was cycling in a baseball cap - classic faux pas.

  • I was riding behind someone on a nice flat bar Brother Kepler through Penge on Friday evening. It was a very lufguss looking build.
    Oh and @PhilDAS absolutely blasted past me on the Walty in Greenwich earlier in the week.

  • I leave too late every day to not have to smash it

  • Same. The later I leave the house, the earlier I get to work.

  • To the kind soul with the fluro (almost rat bikeish) paint job who gave me a spare tube near Waterloo on the way home this afternoon, thank you!

  • The infamous @edscoble on a lane in Thatcham!

  • That was you! Scherrit literally mentioned that you left before I arrives.

  • @BigH Turnpike Lane this morning on the lovely Rourke I think

  • Def not me if turnpike ha! I had to commute to central and back this morning via regents though

  • Tufnell Park! I don’t know north London

  • Haha yeah that’s more like it, was super quiet this morning on the way in. Way back looked like stress for anyone coming into town

  • Forgot to mention last week; I DAS'd someone near central I think, riding the opposite direction, we both did syncro-whip skids at each other, was trés cute, many smile, very skid.

  • @dimi3 sat on a stool outside Stayer.

  • On here? Travis with his cat in the front basket on BBC London news

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  • Why do I feel like this guy own fake Rolexes?

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  • …. Wanker …. giving SW9 a bad name ….. Reeboks and unshaven legs … go home … !

  • @youramericanlover in arrivée
    Barely two sentences in and he's already mentioned he's riding fixed.

  • Is that really a SW9 tatt. Weird

  • What started as a funny (to me) shtick has turned into something far far worse

  • @Maj on Dulwich road ?? seemed like a you kind of bike.
    I was full kit on a track bike with wheel bags

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