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  • Ha! I take commuting very seriously

  • Between 11:00 and 12:00 riding around with my "CLCTC Oldies pals" and around 13:00 came back in and rode down Sawyers Hill to Roehampton Gate. I'm afraid I didn't spot you or hear a shout of recognition, if you attempted to hail me.

  • Ha, yes it was you then. I didn't shout because I wasn't sure whether it was you or just someone who looked very much like you
    Crossed you on Sawyer's some time after 11. I was wearing a fetching green Rapha outfit on the bright yellow Cannondale

  • Very well spotted. Next time I'm likely to be riding around Richmond Park will be Xmas time when I'll use it to do pointless distance in my "Not The Rapha 500". Maybe we could meet then if you're in town for the festive season,

  • QR Campag wheels and Chorus groupset… Owner must’ve been within striking distance, or is a less materialistic person than I.

  • Someone looking very on here at Gravity Well taproom around 6pm tonight

  • @Mikey5000 at Spiritland on Friyay. Weren't it good!

    Someone on a really nice looking J Anquetil, single or fixed I think, chrome track ends iirc, by Honor Oak Park Station this morning about 8:45, seems like the rider might be on here. Passed you on a Pedersen ... oh hai

  • @Miss_Mouse on the OKR. Was too loud to shout at you.

  • Glass mills Lewisham:
    You : all black erything. Black Carbon track.

    Did you used to be that skinny dude.that wore black hotpants and did a fixed gear tt bike?

  • i see him all the time

  • Has he upgraded from short shorts to trousers and carbon?

  • Benji??? On the pink crust with brother fork in Peckham this evening?

    Sorry I couldn’t hear properly and I was carrying maybe 20kg of tools and bike parts but your bike looked fucking rad

  • Someone on a Kirk Precision with a pink disc wheel going through Hyde Park this morning. Never seen one in the flesh before

  • @Aroogah and son on Lordship Lane. Ohai friend :)

  • Took me a minute to spot you and then make the connection. Been aaaassssges! Good to see you. We were on a Pokemon card mission. Srs bsnss.

  • Men on a mission! :)

  • Witnessed 2 riders hit the deck on ice outside Dulwich park this morning (one looked a little on here) first of which passed me whilst sliding along the concrete. How did anyone manage to get out and do laps / hills this morning without dying?

  • Me and my buddy experienced that down near Oxted on Sunday - I slammed, he was a few metres behind and knew what was coming but couldn't do anything about it... we were sliding for so long we had time to discuss events while they were still transpiring!

  • One of those was me, fun times. Not sure if it was ice or a bit of oil on the road, either way it hurt like hell.

  • Was that you who turned into the hospital then? Was trying to figure out whether you/they worked there or were self-admitting to A&E.

  • Thankfully (for me at least) it wasn't me who pulled into the hospital. Just a bit of road rash and a very swollen hip. Hopefully the other person came away unscathed too - I assume if they managed to ride to the hospital they weren't too badly hurt.

  • Well yeah they seemed to brush it off pretty well. Argh, yeah my left hip is fairly misshapen after all the stacks on that side. Hope that fades and heals up quick!

  • Across the road from Hampton/Hanworth Sainsburys 9:50am. You were walking a fixed gear with a 60-80mm crabon rear wheel and what looked like Speedplays. I ogled your bike but was too scared even in '22 to yell DAS.

  • @Skülly delightful surprise to see you. A great morning got even better!

  • I might remember the forum name too at some point! ;)

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