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  • @Señor_Bear in Cambs doing a little #carryshitolympics with a pink frame this morning.

  • I was wondering who shouted at me.

  • Me; I'm always shouting at you.

  • Two tall bikes coming down from or avoiding going up Layhams lane this morning probably 9ish….

  • its these dudes:­lerylewisham/2591772187313856595/

    also saw you go past lewisham hospital on the way back from nursery

  • Ha that’s exactly where I saw them going in the opposite direction.

    Ah sorry missed you, this morning or this afternoon?

  • morning, I had just pressed the ped light button near the church in ladywell

  • Was @greeno out today on his double hed3 this morning at RP?

  • Ha, yeah that was me. Hasn't been getting many miles as I've been riding my non-stupid bike; if I'm not going to ride it on a sunny day round RP, I'm never going to ride it. Was fun - haven't been down there for a while.

    Were you out on either of your LOOKs? I kept half an eye out but didn't spot them. I've seen you going past clockwise (wisely) a couple of times in the past.

  • Nice Orange bike passing through Camberwell near Burgess park. Looked ‘on here’.

  • Someone cycling with a wheel from Peckham Rye to Dulwich Park on a Cinelli Vigorelli. It must have been a trick of the angle but it very much looked like they'd set it up as a tricycle with an axle through the forks (?!)

  • Something like this maybe, a few different variations available

    1 Attachment

    • cross_wheel_carrier_above.jpg
  • Indeed, in a small group and the look was quite discrete compared to yours ;)

    Monday looks good for laps too, will probably be there early again, will hola/heckle at you next time.

  • Must have been

  • @scoot popping up in Instagram stories of mates I've known 25 years, she's queen of all media.

  • Can't remember the last time I was on here but had to pop my head in and say how nice the random encounter with @Black_Rainbow_Project was this afternoon outside Cubitts on Portobello Rd.
    How long's it been dude!?

  • It was so nice to see you after all this time! The only thing missing was an awesome track bike leaned up outside, wearing phils and nitto! 😍

  • Rider on a Condor, with nice looking front rack and bag, crossing the New Kent Road just before 8pm last night. Gave me a nod (nodded back) probably because I wearing my black rainbow t-shirt.

  • About 7:40 tonight. Loads of fixed riders coming up Camberwell road I shouted DAS in case anyone was oldskool lufguss.

    Passed a bunch more through Dulwich village. What ride did I miss out on tonight!?

  • ‘fixed fest’, I accidentally joined it on its way through Camberwell when I was passing through in the afternoon and stayed with them til Streatham, was a nice vibe

  • LCEF Alleycat?

    Edit: 7.40 pm timing rules that out

  • I got das'd at regents by someone in icc kit this afternoon. Would've said hi but my calf started to cramp like crazy after a few efforts and I bailed to go and eat salty things

  • White fixed Planet x in Abingdon today ? anyone ? rider had a death wish cycling wrong way down the one way system against oncoming cars then jumped on the pavement scaring pedestrians when playing chicken against a bus seemed a step too far.
    Does wonders for us all in increasing the love for cyclists.......

  • Bloody Planet X riders

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