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  • Either yesterday late morning, or Sunday late afternoon (days are blurring), there was a tallbike crossing the A205 road at Eltham Common... was it someone on-here? Maybe of London Velo fame?

    (We were on the motorbike so couldn’t shout DAS)

  • Mint green Bob Jackson wearing matching green/black cap, turning into Love Walk SE5, googlefu makes me wonder if it's @samrensho, should have DAS'd

  • Yeah that was me :) Just before I got soaked to the bone in that storm

  • is that also you with the funky dual brake lever thingy?!

  • Yes! Although, I'm no longer using that, switched to drop and hoods and keeping the track drops for the track.
    You have the sweet serotta, I think we have chatted at Regent's!

  • ha, yeah was about to say that - hope you're good! Catch you again no doubt...

  • CX bike doing a wheelie up ludgate hill this morning? Could be on here, could be one those guys that rips around town on a full susser

    Plus a pair of fixie morons blasting through a red at rush hour on the Southwark bridge road / Southwark st junction, obviously watched premium rush last night or something.

  • @Gustav going down Stroud Green Rd. Hi!

  • Lovely to bump into @Crop today!

  • Teddy Sheringham in Chingford yesterday.

  • He lives local. One of my main routes I ride goes past his house which is cringingly called Camp Nou after the 1999 Champions League Final.

    There's a host of other footballers, pundits and managers with houses on the same stretch of road.

  • and Iain Duncan Smith!

  • whats the road? time to do some snooping. Also spotted Rory of TCR fame going into Greggs on a nice looking CAD X?

  • i like the camp nou thing! Bit of fun - can't deny him that! Plus it's just a small stone.

    If it was me I'd have also emblazoned 'mes que una casa' above my door.

  • spotted that rather wonderful Saffron frameworks bike on sunday. drafted it for a while admiring the seat cluster, also because there was no way i'd have moved my way up towards the front.

  • Lewisham Loampit Hill this morning someone who had drilliumed an aluminium shitter £50 MTB frame with inch wide holes. I made noises.

  • Pulled over on C17 on the route down from Elephant towards Burgess Park this evening and in the space of 2 minutes saw a purple Dolan Track Champion and a black Condor track frame with a lovely arched top tube...figured either would have a reasonable chance of being on here

  • Shout out to Tom who I met on his custom njs-super-posh bike going through Peckham. Nice to see a proper size njs frame.

  • Spotted @HoKe swimming upstream this morning (clockwise). Inimitable as ever. Hey!

  • Hola! I heard many people saying ‘Ho!’ But never caught the face or just telling myself I was hearing things 😅

  • I can imagine. I also realised it could have easily been confused for "hole!" which for various reasons would have been inappropriate.

  • Hi Kieran - good to see you!

  • Spotted what I thought was a forum jersey turning right at the top of Skid Hill Lane, towards the White Bear pub around 8 this morning. Might have been wrong though!

  • passed and exchanged brief compliments with someone with a lovely fixed All Day at the Kingston side of Bushy Park yesterday eve after work, was that anyone here?

  • @.gaz. New Cross on the Varonha few nights back?

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