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  • Yo! Whereabouts? Were you the Dolan Seta leaving the park?

  • Saw the same person twice; firstly at roundabout at the top of Sawyers Hill taking the roundabout on a lap when I got no acknowledgement to my shout and 20 or so minutes later leaving the park at Richmond Gate when the rider heard and acknowledged my shout.

    Shamefully, I didn't notice what they were riding beyond that they were on a single speed.

  • Ah second time I heard you- was running borderline late for work by then though.
    I did shout good morning!
    I was most perplexed by the car who seemed incapable of passing you despite you being off the road.

  • Very few drivers are capable of going at the Speed of NorthLondonLight. :)

  • You've not changed much over the many years I've known you.

  • Yo I know this probably isn’t the right place to post but I’m sure a few of you have seen my bike around, my pink pre cursas just been robbed in new cross, if anyone could keep an eye out/put a lock on if they see it !

  • Yeah man. Moved here at the start of Feb- we're on sandhurst road.
    Recovering from acl reconstruction last year so cycling is pretty limited at present but hoping to be able to do some 2h evening rides later in the summer.

  • DASing @Velocio in a highly professional work email.

  • Note: @NorthLondonLight in full roadie stylings on Di2, so unnoticeable

  • That actually reached me too.

  • I expect my emoji idea to be prioritised!

  • Had my first lunch time ride around London this afternoon and spotted two guys on nice gravel bikes complaining about rear tyre clearance and thought they were probably on here.

    j/k but I did spot a woman rider on a great pink and blue Roberts lo-pro with risers heading south from Southwark Bridge. Nice to pootle around the City again.

  • Another rider, on geared, spotted due to his wearing of the LFGSS kit, this morning in Regents Park.

    Time 10:20 - 10:45 you were on a modern road bike in a pink/purple colourway and going clockwise. I was, of course riding anti-clockwise, and in the company of @HarmanMogul, in a group of 4 all wearing the purple/black/white Central London CTC kit.

  • Last night on the street beside Ruskin Park- guy riding 1sp or fixed, bullhorns, dark cycling cap, dark clothes, no helmet. Get some lights mate, genuinely couldn’t see you until you were uncomfortably close to the car.

  • Spotted earlier on the mean streets of Lewisham; a very stylish couple rocking matching Eddy Merckx Corsa's.

    His blue, hers pink - both bikes looked superb.

    Normally I would award you maximum style points, but have to mark you down for riding on the pavement and (suspected) RLJing.

    On here?

  • Who was the group that DAS’ed me on Waterloo bridge yesterday? Got me hyped

  • I’ve seen this rad roberts too!

  • I have a speaking suspicion my girlfriend just asked @Stonehedge who did his front yard.

  • 2 x forum spots in one day wah?

    @lowbrows - Priory Lane
    @Maj in Virginia Water


  • Was just about to post a hello.
    Did you go for a long'n?

  • no just to Hurley and back. Randomly bumped into a big Pfizer lab? Nice building.

  • saw a really cool black, yellow red (green? you know the one, the classic one) isen over by virginia water today, they waved back and everything, maybe they're here

  • that was me :) hi! Pomp was looking 10/10.

  • ahhhh i just scrolled up! you were looking good on the bike!

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