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  • will need to see pictures next time. that does sound very brockley though.

  • Some very on here types doing the London Classic route up wells park.
    Nice to say hi to you all.

  • Did someone do a homebrew cobblemonster?
    Had fun on the last one

  • Hai @Chalfie! Yep, was in a lil group of ten, including Stuart from bikefix who rode an 8Freight with us. Saw another bunch of about 6 Brikky faces we knew doing it ...

  • Also @HoKe came belting past us at while we meandered through the middle of Greenwich Naval College —dude 5mph limit there. Bit shocked tbh!

  • Someone DAS'ed me by Tower Bridge - pink frame breakless with risers? Sorry I didn't oblige, was trying to get through the new rush hour grid lock traffiikkkkk

  • Er just asking for a friend ... Does one still shout ' do a skid ' on the mean streets of babylon-don ?
    I met a lovely young chap with wide bars on emmanuel road this afternoon and had a forum flashback and blurted it out I got a nod possibly in pity rather than anything else - if you are on here greetings ....
    Hope everyone is doing well
    . peace and love

  • @BringMeMyFix on my telly box!

  • Yeah, just mumbled incoherently while listening to some 1999 Kelis on the bone conduction headphones. Moderna OG 4 Life.

  • Early adopter as always, we only got that delivered today

  • Side effects seem to be world-weariness and misanthropy. Oh, hang on…

  • Spotted one of the new orange Mash Ac2's down Borough High St yesterday, gotta be on here

  • Great to bump into somebody yesterday.

  • @lmananimal on a random NW train with cargo bike. i owe you a beer!

    plus someone on a grey dolan on theobalds road at about 10:30pm last night who looked asleep at the helm

  • At the risk of appearing to be his stalker, I believe I spotted @Skülly not once, but twice today. First down by the 02, and a little later on Royal Hill in Greenwich.

    Either that, or there are two Dave Yates tandems in the locale.

  • Yep, that was us!

  • Very nervous stoker so I was focussing on reducing traffic contact religiously...

  • Lmftfy
    ... @somebody ...
    Lucky you I’ve not seen him in years!

  • Spotted someone yesterday on Foxley Road on LFGSS kit, sorry I das'd you the middle of a drink!

  • Who das’d me this afternoon at the bottom end of Broadway market? Was so shocked at being das’d for the first time in years I momentarily forgot how to skid

  • Suns out, forumers are out in RP this morning before the work run.

    Hola to @TTM, @PhilDAS, @Dick, @dubtap and @LukeG!

  • Hola chica 😘

  • Lmftfy
    ... @somebody ...

    Well, you see, Microcosm rather ruins a good old joke here. :)

    Lucky you I’ve not seen him in years!

    I hadn't, either, until the other day.

    With any luck, you might see him on the 22nd May.

  • Can't believe I missed @Dick

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