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  • Fixed gear rider on a white cervelo p3 RLJ every light possible from bank to Holborn...

  • With risers?

    Saw him yesterday. Questionable riding.

  • Sounds like something from a couple of pages back in the ****** thread...

    Second thoughts... I don't really want to out anyone, to everyone.

  • I wish I'd had my camera with me yesterday. Not to take a particularly tasteful picture--there were too sizeable piles of horseshit in parking bays in Gray's Inn Road. About six feet away from them sat a German Shepherd with a look of great concentration on his face and about to do his own thing. A little further along I overtook the two police horses that had evidently been responsible. /shit story, bro

  • Spoke to a nice man on Wednesday night on my way home from central to SW. Riding a red Claud Butler(?) that he said hes had for 29 years! Central London to Sutton every day must be 000s of kms on that frame. Cheered up my commute

  • Parallax in the racks at Fora Borough. Who dat?

  • Fixed rider overtaking e-bikes on the way to Finsbury Park. With the shiniest Ellipses I've ever seen.

  • A giant bike...

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    • 20200203_121109.jpg
  • was that @jammy 's at some point?

  • @cgg and friends refueling on crisps in the holloway tesco on 7 sisters road.

  • Sorry I don't know who Jammy is!
    Is he a basket ball player?🙄
    Locked in Park St Mayfair.

  • I can't imagine that more than two or three bikes of that size were ever built by Bob Jackson, so they might well appreciate it if you sent that photo to them.

    It's either a frame that's old enough to have been built when the idea was that very little seatpost should show, or it's no longer with its original owner and the new owner has slammed the saddle. :)

  • Also, for those who missed it, Soho was cordoned off and evacuated because of an unexploded WWII bomb today.

  • @ObiWomKenobi somebody actually built it!

    Can only imagine how much of a noodle this is. My old 66cm 531c frame was all over the shop so this thing must be ridiculously flexy.

  • Hi!

    On that ride on Saturday morning we got out of London through Epping Forest on the A104 joining forces with three other riders, one of them on the front turning back and glancing at my forum jersey saying "hey, I have this jersey!". The guy I was riding next to told me they’d signed up for an audax version of lejog happening this summer and were out training for it. Great stuff and good luck!

  • Nic of Mands and Nic fame (forum name has momentarily escaped me) at Watford Junction this morning avec bike. I was bromptoning past you the other way in the station but only twigged when I was too far gone!

  • The ever charming @hats for lunch in LMNH

  • I think it's @Backstop? I might be wrong but worth the punt as who wouldn't want to know they'd been spotted by @ioreka

  • @ioreka yeh that's most like him #formerlyknownas @hairnetnic

  • Yeah, c'est moi, on my way to school. I'm glad you caught me on a morning that the trains were running smoothly, I look a lot more chilled and relaxed than many other days!

  • Who would you complain to, if you were that way inclined, about large dollops in the cycle tracks and lanes of Islington?

  • @dancing james
    In a bike shop, in Tokyo whilst perusing minivelos...

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  • It's you, can understand why you wouldn't recognise tho as we all look weird when we shave.

  • I know it’s me. It’s from a photo shoot for Brookes from years ago. That’s my surprise that it’s still in circulation.

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