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  • spotted singlespeed legend Javier in seven sisters on his way back from getting new bouncy forks fitted for the ht550 - is he on here?

  • is he on here?

    Don't think so

  • Lovely to bump into @Psy and @Clara on Brockley Road today.

  • DAS'd by someone last night in Richmond Park. Dressed in all black and flying.

  • Shiny isen at Crown Point just now... On the way to Blue door, I guess.

  • Aha - thanks for the compliment - should have hollered if you were far from home - could have helped with that puncture.

  • Chatted to someone on a nice Cotic gravel/functional thing on north side of Vauxhall Bridge-Thanks for the compliments on my newly completed monster gravel machine- nice to get kind words from strangers when you've just finished a project - you looked "on here".

  • Looked cool on here but better in real life.
    I was at the end of my road so wasn't far to walk. Still haven't fixed the puncture mind you, just been riding the MTB instead

  • Yeah, so much nicer playing around off-road now it's dry. Makes you realise how rubbish winter really is.

  • Someone onna white lo-pro with what I reckon was a 650 front wheel, looking very much 'on here' in the Greenwich foot tunnel a short while ago. You helped me push closed the defective lift doors in the south lift.

  • HOT 🔥 PINK makino locked up outside mini tesco in newcross where the super-nice-to-ride-fast-sweepy-joining-t­raffic-roads are...

    it was HOT 🔥

    DAS'ed but no rider so nothing happened.

  • I was waiting at a light at regents yesterday and a guy went past on a nice looking Bob Jackson track frame. I was wearing LFGSS jersey, when he saw me he gave me a look like he'd caught me throwing batteries at his kids. So maybe on here?

  • This one?
    It is or at least was Charlie's from Seabass last I knew

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  • That is hot 🔥

  • On here?

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  • Seen the owner of this pull out some massive whip skids around Leeds before - looked like they were having a fun.

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    • IMG_20190523_171621.jpg
  • Cap those bar ends if you ever see the guy again...

  • Aye, one of my first thoughts too, alongside how uncomfortable it must be to ride unwrapped bars on hot days like these.

  • not to mention the saddle angle, shitty cable lock and non drive side parking.

  • I always lock up driveside to stand when there's no mech to be damaged as it makes it more of a bitch to steal crankset and remove chain etc

  • Good point, though something in my moral fibre tells me it's wrong.

  • Hello mysterious forest hill shouterer.

  • Spotted the long lost LES!

    In E11 of all places

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  • Haven’t DASd in ages. Good to give @reeen one today!!!

  • I see that guy on my commute quite often, I remember the white shoes

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