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  • Nice fixed Bob Jackson, rider in civies, Lambeth Road.

  • DAS'd two people near Camden at roughly 8:30 this morning.

    1st. Black Dolan with super deep section front wheel and rack - noskid
    2nd. I think a Mash work with a rack - responded "what?" to my request. noskid


  • Slightly more middle-aged guy (no offence, just going by the silver hair) on a spotless black carbon PlanetX track bike and pretty generous gearing, on CS8 / Grosvenor Road just before 6pm. Would have said something at the intersection but our ways parted there. Looked like a velodrome rider judging by the kit.

    Also, the lock I carry behind the saddle rattles when I'm on my commute, but I'm actually further back than it sounds to cyclists in front of me. Not a fan of drafting or riding in groups generally, too risky and not my thing!

  • I forgot-- @ninelives the other day turning into Brooke Road off Rectory Road. Hello!

  • Was just about to post the same spot. The guy in question had a white helmet and FHHV jersey on?
    Also this means you probably went past me so, and in fact if your picture is anything to go by do you ride a black Dolan I think in Birkenstocks? If so consider yourself spotted too and hi!

  • The guy in question had a white helmet and FHHV jersey on?


    do you ride a black Dolan I think in Birkenstocks

    Guilty as charged. Glad to know my sandal choice stood out :D

    Also hi!

    (Also I like your username here)

  • Celeste Ofo in CP

  • Cargo bike, unladen going down Leyton High road at 8.15 this morning.

    One of my twins waved.

    On here?

  • @dicki zooming through Viccy park on his lovely Voodoo.

  • Who was that with the galaxy painted Tokyo Fixed geared bike with the DBAD sticker? Nice chatting to you this morning!

    Also hiya @modan!

  • The mean authoritarian dancing machine aka MAYBOT VON BREXIT 2000 outside the royal geographical society.

    And then someone of a nice salmon pink track bike with bull bars and what looked like Daniel salmon mudguards about 19:15 by baker st station

  • @youramericanlover Hello! Lovely setup you got there sir.

  • who owns that ratty fluoro yellow bike (think it's an Olmo maybe?).

    definitely been in the rat bikes thread here a few times.

    spotted by old street roundabout on friday around 5.30!

  • I saw it going down Essex Road on Friday too

  • @spotter in Hyde Park about 18.15 this eve?

    Was too late for a DAS by the time i recognised your bike

  • Who rides a black and white fixed Concorde through bermondsey? Seen this guy twice in the last couple of weeks, turning into blue anchor lane. Had installed mudguards as of this morning. And brakless.

  • Who did I see on Saturday morning cycling through Chingford on a track bike heading towards Sewardstone?

    I was jetlagged, walking my dog with the sun was in my eyes so sorry if I gave you a nasty glare. I don't remember the bike but you looked quite content

  • good to see you @spotter .. hope the viewings go well! Welcome to SE :)

  • @Colm89 yes indeed, what are you riding? 2bd time yiyvd seen me but not I you.

    @amey looking at Peckham, I hear it's gentrified nicely. Any idea of which local tavernas serve a good port?

  • Don't be a prick. Dont abandon me. I won't cope. 😔

  • Plenty of choice, the Rye, the Ivy, the old nun's head to name a few.

  • The Hollydale or Golden Anchor for these dark dark times. Altho I'm more Queens Road really.

  • Was on a brompton, need to get back to riding the full way to work.

    What part of Peckham are you looking at?

    If you're looking at places on the Camberwell side, the Victoria on bellenden road is decent and does a great sunday roast lunch. If you're looking at the nunhead side, the telegraph at the earl if derby is very good. Like Ed mentioned, the old nuns head and the ivy are nearby too, or the beer shop if you're after something trendy in nunhead.

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