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  • Saw a guy on a brakeless pink track bike with a tu/cetma rack at about 6:30 this evening at tottenham court road station doing a sketchy maneuver in front of a bus

  • theres a guy that rides down cally a lot with a tri-spoke. Same guy?

  • @skydancer by the towers at Reculver.

  • Were at the inn. You around come say hello

  • @dammit at HHV. I said hi and muttered something about doing a TT with you years ago. (For recognition - I used to be T-V). Anyway, hi! Should have muttered something about windmills.

  • And also @howard and @Doctor_Cake (I think?) And @fredtc. Nice Moots and Sachs skinsuit. Nice to see y'all.

  • How come I saw none of these people? Did see @Ecunard but that was about it.

  • I saw @ecunard slaying in the women's race on her killer bike. What time did you leave Andy? How did junior get on? My spots were all after 2pm.

  • Edie didn't race, got too nervous and upset so we just watched instead. She was intimidated by all the kids in proper cycling kit. If she'd raced and finished she'd have been either 1st or 2nd in the u8 category though. The chocolate medals all the finishers got may have convinced her to try again in three weeks.

    I left about 1330 I think. The kids had been there since 10 am so were beginning to get bored.

  • @7ven heading home on his bee-you-ti-ful Talbot tandem heading towards Lewisham along the (finally) re-surfaced Brookmill Road

  • I felt like Edie to be honest! Chocolate for the win sounds good though. Did you race?

  • Yep, fair to middling in the v40s. Didn't get lapped though, which is always the first goal.

  • Good to see you too! The geekhouse looks so smart.

  • Hai Poots!
    Just dropping my daughter back to her mum's house. That new surface on Brookmill Rd is sublime!

  • Nice to see @dubkev and @ms-chris on Sunday. Family day at the dump! London is weird.

  • spotted 2 folks yesterday afternoon around parnell road/roman road (from a car), one of them on a black pake with neon yellow forks - first time I think I've seen one besides my own in London!

  • Carradice saddle bags in the Tate Modern shop, not the one in the turbine hall, the one near the end of the millennium bridge - £40.00 each and there were 3 left not half an hour ago. I figured spotted was a good thread to post them in...

  • Saturday @Cazakstan at HHV when I was coming to do track skillz as I'm too unfit for inters.

    This evening a lovely Mercian Vigorelli by (I think) @barnstormer who I had a quick natter with from Lambeth North to Oval.

  • Spotted: pootsmanuva doing some postmanuvas! Welcome back.

  • An extremely annoying commute was immeasurably brightened by an @jonny sighting near borough this morning.

    hi mate!

  • @youramericanlover Nice to chat to you earlier, sorry I did that disappearing act, just suddenly changed my mind about route, trying to be strict about not riding with much motor traffic if at all possible. My route is thus indirect but mostly pleasant.

    Hopefully will see you out there soon.

  • Another @jonny sighting last weekend in forest hill

  • It was nice to wave at you, haha!

  • I'm sure you will! Nice to chat as always. Tbh I often take that little cut through as well. I'm on that same little-traffic-as-possible thing atm too. Hope you find a bit of that mojo again <3

  • @mashton and @fizzy.bleach in Herne Hill in rapid succession. The former, I heard something about a skid and then remembered I was in my forum jersey. The latter, I could not see your face either time we spoke due to the sun but I recognised the frame first and then the voice!

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