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  • @Borek RRR

  • He's put on weight since the hillclimb season, but I'm glad he can finally grow facial hair now.

  • damo. walkengering circa waterloo.

  • Saw these today

    Reminded me of these

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  • That was me! I'm so sorry/embarrassed that I didn't recognise you, but

    a.) I literally haven't see you for years

    b.) you've totally changed your beard/hair config

    c.) I'd drunk six pints and two glasses of wine on Thursday and had no dinner so was feeling a bit worse for wear. Which is also why I wasn't more chatty!

    I did have a feeling of recognition about you but put it down to the fact you also looked very 'on here'.

    For the record that was Torm not Rapha but you can add helmetless to the box ticking if you want :)

    Is that Genesis new or do you just keep your bikes really clean by the way?!

  • I ended up smashed BTW

  • i'm cunted rifght now.


  • i fuckin love house guests. that left three days ago.

  • @Clockwise heading towards Brixton yesterday on something pink. Nice earmuffs

    I was going the other way

  • 2 fellas riding up pepes road yesterday - 1 dodici with hot pink grips, the other planet X with twin spoks, looked very on here

  • @edscoble yesterday evening in Camberwell, the Elephant looks good

  • Sorry, I totally didn't recognise you either!

    Ha, that's not clean!! I think the new wheels and mudguards make it look cleaner/newer than it actually is.

    I think I've seen you on my commute before too, but like that day you breezed past me. My fitness and pace is somewhat reduced from 3-4 years ago.

  • Damn right it look good! thank dude

  • Yeah riding that most of the time now.

  • Might have been my old fuji.

  • Spotted a bendy bus in Neath

  • Who dis?

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  • ^ my mate, not on here.

    Not sure where to put this but riding behind a guy on black fixed steel frame with front brake, messenger bag and cap down Shaftesbury Av at 5pm yesterday. Your gloves fell out your bag and I picked them up. Any claims?

  • chap on a red mbk lo pro on clerkenwell road this afternoon. was pleased to see you heard my call!

  • @Olly398 along streatham 9amish?

  • Not guilty! Good to know there's a doppelganger out there. What was he riding?

  • Feels like that Hiplok could be being put to better use

  • Rocksteady, formerly of this parish, jumping the lights at the junction of Bethnal Green Road and Shoreditch High Street.

  • Blueish single speed had a big courier bag and looked like a forum cap but could have been a white/grey stripe.

  • @DragunovCZ1 on clerkenwell earlier, gimme yo bike.

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