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  • @funky_d Yes indeed, I was going to watch @Sumo race at Lee Valley Velopark. I need to find a better route there than Morning Lane and Homerton High St, it seems to be a perpetual traffic jam.

  • Morning @rhowe !

  • Who did I see repping the #widebarcrew on OKR this morning?

  • Saw someone this morning at 8:20 riding past king's cross with a forum hat, white t-shirt and looks like a steel bike with sliver mudguards! Wanted to ask you for a das but was very last minute spot!

    Looked like @umop3pisdn but I could be wrong.

  • Wahey, I've been spotted!

  • @blowfish wearing her @Yasi Team Otters t-shirt.

  • Got DAS'd at crossroads near Wimbledon Stadium last night by rider in forum cap (maybe?) on dark coloured bike if I remember correctly.

    Sorry for lack of skid. The physics of skidding while accelerating away from the lights just don't work well together.

  • Hmm.. New North Road?

  • DASd sleepy somebody this morning on silver/chrome biek on Clerkenwell Rd and got a skid in response. FIRST. TIME. EVER. Madting. Felt good tho.

  • It's called Canonbury Road at that point, but yes, I was on your right as you crossed it.

  • That was me, cheers for the wake up call that was much needed!

  • Spotted someone on roman way at the back of Pentonville Prison last night. Not sure what the bike was but you appeared to be carrying a frame on your back.

  • Black dolan pre cursa today outside Taylor St Barista coffee shop at Bank around 2:30pm...same frame as mine! Love the build.

  • Dased and spotted no one. Does anyone even ride in East anymore :/

  • I saw someone on Commercial Street on what seemed to be a white and red Cervelo P3 converted to single speed (with chain tensioner and all)... I was quite puzzled I have to say.
    On here?

  • Dan fuck sorry to hear about this, what a horrible man. Hugs. Really glad that he's got a[n addition to his] criminal record for this and that your insurance paid out. I hope it cost him a lot of money and stress. WAC.

  • anyone have recommendations for a nice aluminium track frameset for about 400 quid?

    Wow, didn't see this. Hope you're alright!

    I'm pretty happy with @roboto 's old omnium but then again I don't know much about what's good or not.

  • Keep seeing this guy on my commute to work definitely a strong look!

  • Forum jersey on a Condor making the nice tempo in Regents Park

  • Who DAS'd me late last night?
    You were all in black, I was travelling East to West on Bethnal Green Road after the ELF event?

  • @dubtap Hey that was me. Did an HoP CCW and then easy 15 CW. So much easier CW today. Which way/were you riding?

    Going to have to keep working tho, can't seem to crack 22mph for the hour, been languishing at 21.something for weeks amd weeks now.

  • @OneLessCardigan @rhowe Yeah well he pled guilty to assault and criminal damage and got 36 hours of community service and has to give me £850 in compensation (plus court fees) so yeah there is some justice here. And insurance paid out too so might get something sorta swish with the combined cash, maybe a Nature Boy disc #HoKeLivin'

  • Blimey. Glad you're ok, matey.

    I hope he gets home drunk and fancies some pasta, but accidentally sets his hair on fire and only realises what he's done the morning when he looks at his ridiculous half-burned hair in the mirror, and everyone at community service laughs at him because he looks so stupid.

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