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  • Someone walking a pink low along milbank a couple of hours ago.

  • @6pt strimming the front garden in plum rapha. Dedication to domesticity.

  • @31trum selling his wares at Horsham Market. Will drop you a text for that beer sir!

  • loads of 'do u race?' dura ace decals on spfg crew bikes - so dope :)

  • Was cramping after bombing it down from Amersham, then phone died on my way to St Pauls so decided it was time to go home :(

  • I wish. The Cinelli is dead, was knocked off and the frame is now toast.

    Speaking of which, anyone have recommendations for a nice aluminium track frameset for about 400 quid?

  • Something from Goldsprint? they have a nice selection of frames from a Cannondale inspired one (steel threaded fork) to a Parallex style one for half the cost of the real deal (Goldsprint Ronin abet normal paint).­nglespeed-Frames

  • Shit, hope you're okay?

  • @Skülly at the top of Loampit looking cheery dodging the rain with a group that had the look either of a Dad Club or Monday Morning Media 'Meeting' to it. I was also possibly followed by a Talbot Trollstigen (the orange/yellow fork fade?) up the A21 and under the bridge, but turned off before the hill when I would have tactically let them overtake to ogle the bike...

  • I was admiring a tidy orange frame with porteur rack at the corner of Thornhill and Offord rd, glanced up too late to properly clock who the rider was but did just about hear the subtle DAS. Sorry for my poor morning observational skills.

    I was also just embarking on a nice commuter race with a fixed, full lycra and messenger bag guy on a dark frame. It was nip and tuck nearly all the way to Pentonville rd where traffic stopped play.

    And while I'm here. Dude dressed in black on a plain chrome frame by Buck House. Sorry for my creepy stare, I was trying to work out if that was a forum cap under your helmet. A normal person might have just asked but; morning, Monday, rain, social ineptitude...

  • Ah thanks for the concern @branwen. Yeah I'm fine, but basically I was assaulted by a boy racer who after a disagreement (I was v polite right up to the moment he drove away and I made a wanking motion) caught up with me and jumped out of his car and shoved/punched me off my bike. He didn't like the fact I was riding in the primary position at 20mph in a 20mph zone with loads of parked cars on my left. He got nicked tho and pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage so, you know, result.

    Anyway when I went down the handlebars made an epic dent in the TT so I'm looking for something fun to replace the Mash with enough money left over to build a nice fixed wheelset (insurance paid out £600) as it turns out the hoops on my Condor are knackered.

  • Friendly enough place but not so much a forum stop unless you need to use the track pump or pick up basic supplies (inner tubes and the like). Limited range of components (improving over time - used to be nothing but crappy Oxford stock) and while the refurbished bikes have been done well, only a few would be of interest on here and forumengers would want to take them apart again and put in their own selection of kit. Their one professional mechanic is good but overworked ;)

  • .... Caleido Vigorelli if you can stretch a bit more cash?

  • Ooh where or when? If it was Friday daytime, I was limping between Stage 1 (zorb football - highly recommend) and Stage 2 of work summer party day out. Hai!

  • Ooof, glad you're okay!

  • Yeah, Friday daytime. You were chatting away to someone so I didn't shout your name out like a crazy person in the street just in case it was some important work related person.

  • Hai to the smiling MASH rider I just DASd on I think Greenwich high Street.

  • Greenwich High Road.

  • I think I spotted @reeen passed brockwell Park like now. Silly sausage didn't hear me DAS him cause of music in ears. Hai Rene!

  • Just before Tulse Hill

  • Hi @ChainBreaker - spooky timing!
    I had a thankfully short walk back to Evans to borrow a socket wrench...

  • Hi :-) hope I didn't scare you too much

  • Spotted the actual @lettiemarsh today instead of just the usual associated frame. Hiya.

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