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  • hmm, i just might, i'll see what goes on with some ebay things

  • busy couple of days, saw old school polo bod, whose forum name I can't remember on the wandsworth road wednesday, he'd travelled all the way from walthamstow and still had a ways to go, lovely croix de fer as well...

    @coventry_eagle this morning filtering through the eastbound gridlock that was wandsworth road, and this evening @branwen in richmond, all the other cyclists at the junction seemed to be shocked that we knew each other...

    plus usually see him out richmond/twickenham sides, green specialized langster, with aerospokes front and rear, usually wearing a forum cap, so is definitely on here, even though I've never said hello.... "hello!"

  • Rode up Highbury Place around 10pm with a mate and exchanged an "how is it going?", sorry for not seeming friendly (if on here), was thinking what a shitty day I had at work. Would hello again

  • Hi @hoefla in cycle PS!

  • @hoke this morning in his shiny new ss good riding with you sir!

  • Ditto @goonz good morning to zip through traffic (compared to yesterday anyways!)

  • Too hip to even wake up?

  • Someone on a raw Dolan track standing like a boss at the bottom of Greys Inn Road.

  • I believe that was +spikes on the CdF

    Always nice seeing a familiar face on the commute, yeah Wandworth Rd was pretty hairy to navigate yesterday, almost ran into a bloody desperate driver trying to do a u turn without indicating! Gaaaaahhhh!

  • Hi!!!

    Lovely seeing you!

  • Yup, that was me @coventry_eagle (I saw you spinning away yesterday, I was in the great Savoy Cafe getting myself a birthday breakfast, thanks for the message yesterday btw). Hello again @cornelius_blackfoot, I'm just heading out to see Nic Mills for some beer & tennis...

  • big fella went looking for your forum name and couldn't find it, obviously didn't try hard enough. Happy belated birthday, and just give Nic some abuse, and tell him it's from me, just so he doesn't feel left out, since he hasn't been into the office for a while..

    be well, hope to see you on the wandsworth road again soon..

  • Pretty sure it was @privatepatterson and some buddies rolling corimas who das'ed me loudly going over Blackfriars after work yesterday.
    The resulting "Wahay!"s and "Yesss!" put a big smile on my face. Cheers guys!

  • Oh hai! Apols for belatedness of response. Harbour Cycles any good then?

  • @lettiemarsh walkengering with friend towards Bishopsgate from Shoreditch High Street. Hai.

  • Exchanged nods with someone heading south on Edgware Road around 6, then @IR as I was rushing home to grab lights for the night.

    Also, white PX, red cap heading down from Angel to Kings X around 7:30?

  • Couldn't make out the forum cap until you we're right along side, and was in rodie-douche mode so didn't DAS. Hi

  • Yo dude, where were you in the end? :(

  • @NurseHolliday - with a massive beard and hair tied in a bun? On Blackstock Road yesterday at around 7.30pm. I was walkerenging.

  • Word. Sounds about right!

  • Fresh Cinelli on Elephant&Castle late last night? Apologies for blanking you, didn't realize it was towards me until I got two minutes down the road:(

  • Chap from Aberdeen on a rapha ride club bike on Grays Inn last night. Long way south for you!

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