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  • Apologies, was @Blackandblue - got my previous spots mixed up!

    Hope your train woes sort themselves out, enjoy the tour!

  • Red lo pro going past Canada Water yesterday evening? Was gonna DAS but I was speaking to the other half on the other side of the road😂

  • Aha! Thought that might have been you...You have a bushier beard and a new bike. Looks v nice. Will say hello if I can manage to pull alongside next time....

  • Two womens on matching bright pink Dodici track frames heading up Clerkenwell Rd / Old Street. one had a HED3 trispok up front. One of them was northen sounding.

  • Woo! Plus only 10 days late. Seeing you wuz nice @lucyh

  • A massive pic of Tom and family in the Evening Standard!

  • @Digger bossing it on Bethnal Green Road this eve.

  • That'll be little wheels - they're on instagram

  • Passed these lovely ladies the over day too!

  • I keep seeing a green machine, dura ace wheels, thomson stem, charge saddle, miche primato cranks, ridden by a dude who reminds me of BDW. But isn't. Anyway. Hello BDWreminderperson. I'm the nobber on the purple mum bike.

  • #steeeeeeeeve
    (Mornin @dubtap )

    Plus bonus Jenne, Aram and little one yesterday afternoon.

  • @Elguapo and @I_am_Hingis, separately this morning on the rather pleasant ride in from Catford. Nice chats.
    Can't say I noticed any effect of the tube strike until Blackfriars.

  • @Antidotes on new cross road just now,after dropping off the condor
    SE represent! Wicked skid, sorry for the shout, I had earphones in :))))

  • @ChainBreaker ACTUALLY ON A BIKE looking sweaty in the afternoon sun and yelling fucklaner at me as he scuttled away down coldharbour lane

  • Got the shit DAS'd out of me on New Cross Rd a minute ago, loads of noise in response to my skid, loved it haha, make yourself known!

  • Ahhh you beat me to it! I didn't recognise you man I would have crossed over! I'm heading to PS later, if you're about pop down man.

  • Got the shit DAS'd out of me on New Cross Rd a minute ago, loads of noise in response to my skid, loved it haha, make yourself known!

    ;) haha, nah man, i'm #TeamNoBike probs for a few days/weeks, I saw/das'd you as i had just sold the condor off.

  • buy the RIH back?

    Jus so I can haz first dibs on it back

  • @Antidotes just now on peckham rd - I cannot get used to that buzz cut but saw the bars coming way off!

  • I want to say I saw @HatBeard outside LMNH.

  • @6pt heading home from RP laps I think, and @brave completing the Raphoverload

  • loads of forum caps on the Bloomsbury bike path today

  • Someone shouted "Your tyres are flat" at me this morning near Peckham library. Is YTAF the new DAS?

  • A fellow WNKR heading into Regents this evening. Yelled DAS but you were probably concentrating on the traffic.
    Guy in Mapei cap on Question Time in Sheffield avec beard putting Chukka Ummuna in his place. On here?

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