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  • recent spots - loads of forumengers on the london classic. including @OneLessCardigan after as rolling home.
    then @Ludd the next day on the OKR.

    best spot was @Brave out there in Kent on sat. you had clearly just dropped down into Sundridge from Ide Hill and were stopped at the lights. @clintsmoker, another mate and me were stopped at the other side. i was saying to them look at all those roadies over there - about a group of 8 but without exception everyone had a massive smile on their faces.

    nothing better than rolling through a little bit of a damp morning for the sun to come out and the road to drop down hill. awesome

  • DAS'd some fixies tonight. No skids... :(

    Some guy on a BLB thing with white trispock. Just looked at me funny then did a wobbly track stand at the next lights.

    Second one was a guy on a Bolt near Holborn. Again, I just got a strange look instead of the requested skid. Why you no skid for me?

  • On my trek spotted you on your TT mash; I was doing clockwise

  • @6pt on the return leg of slackermiles through Beckenham, I think? Shouted late, in a bit of a daze after tackling sydenham hill south overdressed

  • Who DASed me near Richmond today, from a white van?

  • Also shout out to @privatepatterson for the much needed assist with my broken wheel at Cycle PS, you saved my day!

  • Anytime bro.
    We aim to please.

    Actually.. who did I DAS outside Honor Oak Park station last night?

  • Why you no skid for me?

    The request hit him like a bolt from the blue?

  • Thought that might have been you. Looking sweaty. I was in my way out; saw a few of the returning Rapha Wednesday work miles slackers on Gates Green (maybe a @Lolo ? I was too busy trying to keep flies out of my eyes to really catch the faces) and then a possible forum Jersey spot as the back half of a 2-up heading past the top of Tatsfield down Clarks Lane, about 7:30. Nice evening to be out, especially on the fluro fun machine.

  • Would have been great only my ancient bb's on the way out and was purring through my feet for 40miles to Bromley and back.
    Luckily nabbed a da replacement arriving tomorrow but won't be doing Sydenham hill southbound again in a hurry, and definitely not in a longslev.

    Also came across the moodiest Dulwich CC riders on the way back at about 9. Didn't like me overtaking but the popping, crunching tick from my cranks caused some amusement.

  • Brklss dark green steel BLB with white front spok going east just south of the river?
    DASed him yesterday only to talk to him after the lights and find out that he didnt know the forum even existed...

  • Dapper chap on a lovely white GB low pro on Mandela Way last night.

    We exchanged a friendly nod, sure I've seen that bike on ere previous

  • It was a lovely day to be o the bike. We'd been royally pissed upon for almost two hours.

    As we came to the bottom of Toys the clouds disappeared and the blue sky and sun blessed us. Skipped up Ide and flew down to be greeted by you at the lights. The smiles were the result of pure joy at being on the bike. In the sun.

  • Someone, possibly on here, belting down college road, legs a blur of high cadence. I was crossing the road, with Miriam. I nodded.
    No skid though.

  • Red dolan pre cursa on old kent road this morning - shared an owner's nod. That colour looks great

  • It wasn't a fully chromed frame with un-taped drops was it? If so, I see that guy a lot, always on Bishopsgate.

    Edit: No it wasn't. I hope you get your bike back, @elliotm.

  • Have spotted a forum lady who wears glasses, a few times this week around Smithfield market and on St Johns Street. I'm the girl on the All City with basket who waved yesterday! Hai!

  • Hi! nice to see a friendly face on the commute =)

  • Ironman tattoo - check
    Pie-plate - check
    Aero-bars on a road bike - check
    On the aero-bars in traffic - check
    RLJ'ing on the aero bars in traffic - check
    Brixton Rd this arvo.

  • So you have changed a bit but still live in South London?

  • I don't understand your posts Ludwig, is there meant to be direct meaning to them, or are they a form of expression that is not meant to be analysed?

  • Forum cap, Pearson fixed wheel biek, going up Putney hill and round Wimbledon common. I shouted DAS but was on phone and couldn't chat.

  • Rode next to a guy on what looked like a rychtarski with a rear Spok down camden high street at 6 ish, anyone on here? nice bike man

  • (belated) hiya!

    Oh, and while I'm here: Tanya in Streatham abut 2 weeks ago. Cool story etc

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