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  • Hello and a hat tip to @hms I think? Who was wharf bound.

    DASed @Doctor_Cake who was city bound.

  • @B0N0R on Great Portland street? If not...then someone is rolling on a damn similar Panasonic!

  • Someone who looked a lot like Billfalo Buff turning off Kingsland High Street into Boleyn Road earlier tonight. Probably wasn't him but one of his millions of lookalikes.

    Then Crop going north towards Easts. My friend, who had flagged me down earlier, asked: 'Do you want to catch up with him?' I said: 'No, I know where he's going, I'll catch up with him at the pub.'


  • Spotted the mighty @Samwell on the city boy spice route through Liv St last night. Pleasure riding with you dude.

  • Beardy guy in red sunglasses, sporting a very fetching LFGSS on a on-one. About 7 last night on Streatham High Rd, standing at the traffic lights. Was going to shout "DAS!" but seemed pointless as you were stationary...

  • @Cupcakes in Bloomsbury this morning, to be replaced with @villa-ru when he peeled off left. Nice to see you both.

  • Morning MrP. Good to catch up briefly.

  • Ha ha, I was in my own little world, didn't skid. Was on my way to BLB to pick up some stuff for @Howard's Paris-Roubaix ride.

  • Yep!. Thought that was you - good to see you..

    Was home (Blackheath) bound via the Isle o' Dogs

  • Exchanged a fine DAS with someone as I was descending the north side of Toy's Hill at around 1.30pm. @6pt perhaps?

  • @howradmichello track standing in the usual spot on Euston, (with a v.serious face this morning)

  • Yup, Slaquer CC innit :)
    @hovis and @eyebrows were so far ahead that even if you had seen them you would not have realised we were on the same ride. Good day to be out!

  • I saw those guys but was descending with such skill and panache, at at least 100kph, so didn't recognise them... I only just caught that you had a forum cap at the last minute. Your response made me chuckle

    Heck of a day for it, hope you three had much funtime

  • Someone teaming a H H Velodrome cap with office clothes walkengering on Tooley Street, certainly on here in some capacity

  • The trio of forum jerseys not enough of a hint? :P if we'd caught you earlier we could have dragged you to the caff.

  • @jim1985 were you busting out another century+?
    It was hella fun out with @Hovis and @6pt...
    Have completely negated riding with food intake now though.

  • Ha, just shy of! 96 miles, almost felt short ! Didn't recognise the jerseys, how are they? Was thinking of getting a race fit one.

    @6pt I did a tut of disapproval at you lack of lid. Fair play tho, going old school feels great.

    A coffee would have gone down a treat. Ide hill shop I hope?

    Would like to join you three one day if you fancy having someone cling to your wheels for dear life for the duration... so if you ever want someone along to make you feel better about yourselves hit me up

  • How long were you out? Did you eat nothing?!?

  • We weren't out for long. But I mean since stopping I've eaten far too much food.
    96 miles. You nutter. I've been following your activity on strava with jealously.

    Come May, hopefully regular service will resume.

  • Ah I see. The whole point of longer rides is to be a glutton later I thought?

    Some of those rides in the last month have been unpleasant. Will be glad when next weekend is done (amstel gold) so I can start doing some shorter harder rides and get a bit of top end back. So action will be well timed

  • Ah I see. The whole point of longer rides is to be a glutton later I thought?

    It varies from person to person.

    Some people are fine after a century (or two), and then eventually start to pillage the fridge at 10am the next day.


  • I don't own a panasonic, why do people keep thinking i own a panasonic.

    (if it was over the easter weekend it might have been me)

  • You mean you're not @JB?

  • Pleasure to meet you!

  • You should own a B0n0rsonic.

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