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  • Who did I das, didn't get a skid but shared a knowing look and smile? At the Burdett Road and W India Dock junction?

  • Hey, I was going through there, mallets on back and dark green polo bike, then yep!

    Although as it's two days ago I don't remember any gazes! Shout DAS at me, next time! I find it really fun to shout at people when they can't I'd be totally made up if someone shouted it at me on a train! :)

  • How did I look?

  • I was loitering, you were I think heading for a cash machine with your mallets.

  • Ah, yeah, I actually do remember!

    Sorry I was rushing and trying to work out if I actually had enough money in my main account to withdraw what I wanted! So one quizzical look when I get them a lot wasn't enough for me to slow down! :)

  • @dimi3 and @KRZ on penton street this morning. Double spot.

  • Good to see you, hope the meeting wasn't too boring.

  • @Bison could have been me...long hair, small flamed goldsprint, with my ginger bearded tattooed mate on his cervelo?

  • I haven't been south of the river for quite a while and definitely wasn't there today. Was just curious how that person looked like, to make you think, that it's me.

  • That was me. I really ought to change that bar tape soon to be honest.

  • ha potentially, but then who cares if it functions and isn't falling off.

    I was so excited to get a photo of them together, hopefully I will see you again and we can do some kind of same bike mini convoy

  • saw @HatBeard on southwark bridge yesterday. he was owning the pavement. i should point out he was on two feet rather than two wheels.

    later on i had a good roll with a guy called Gavin from borough high street to dalston. could be on on here. we were both pissed. and both happy to spin and chat through the busy traffic. you will be cat 1 again in no time dude

  • Well met sir, I also spotted nelaii formerly of this parish a bit further up but didn't get a chance to say hi.

  • @lettiemarsh rolling down the shitty, downhill, zebra-crossing infested bit of Clerkenwell Road in the rain last night.

    Didn't DAS or holler because I was trying to sprint my way out of the soaking nodder-ton at the lights.

  • @Mechamorgan oh my days that was a truly horrifying journey home. Next time DAS or holler!

  • @lettiemarsh DASing down that hill in the wet and you'd just slide right down to the lights.

    That has to be my least favourite bit of road in Central London.

  • 11am, Streatham, forum cap + beard + blue bike (ss?). No das as I was vehical-bound.

  • A guy with a green dodici special, wearing a Brixton cycles cap, on broadway market last night...?

  • @villa-ru sounds like it was me on the pompino, front+rear racks with panniers on the back? I was going to ikea and into work to collect some stuff, went bike plus and out a bit more south too. Is single speed not got into the habit of riding fixed.­28

  • Usual Sunday Riders round RP.

    Someone on an alloy? Coppi...looked 'on here'...

  • Cheery "CAZ" from @JB on Essex road this morning! Morning!

  • Das'd a rider with a white spok in Essex road last night, who obliged. On here?

  • @reeen, passing Denmark Hill station this morning... Yup, that was me that shouted "Reeeeeeeeeeen!!!"...

  • yeah, I heard but flew too low too fast to recognise you. #lateforwork
    met aram day before ytd too, locked up next to his pompino at rye ln.
    I'm on a mission to get the band back together ;) go fücktönes!

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