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  • Hello @hellomiles Miles. Always a farkin pleasure.

  • We DAS'ed someone just outside The Gallery Cafe on the same road around lunch time, was this you?

    lines starting with a 'greater than' denote quoted text

  • Mash concept going like a missile westbound on New Cross Rd @Elra? @MR_R3V?

  • Yeah, that was me. Hello!

  • @Antidotes not me. My nx/okr days are over Walworth4lyf

  • A desperate plea:
    I just lost my Rapha deep winter gloves. I left them on a bollard on Neal St today.

    If anyone picked them up with the good heart to find the rightful owner, then I'll swap them for a box of cheese from my shop as reward.

    My hands are so cold right now.

  • Is there something we don't know about Rapha gloves? Never forgot my old gloves anywhere, while I forgot a couple of times my leather town gloves on the saddle after locking the bike... I must say I've always been lucky and found them later where I left them (once even after a couple of hours).

  • Passed a guy on a pretty looking Stan pike on the way home last night. Complimented it and the guy looked confused but otherwise looked reasonably on here?

  • wha? who? o hai!


  • Neon pink bike, chrome fork, aerospok, heading from Holborn Viaduct down to Oxford street at around 09:20. Any takers?

  • I realised 12 hours later. Long gone :(

  • Purple bob jackson vigorelli track with a set up of someone who'd be on here. Underground car park of a media company just off great portland street?

  • DAS'd by @lucyh earlier on Walworth Road, nice bumping into you on my adventure to the dark side.

  • Think I just held @Khornight2 's gaze in Waterloo station in a "I think I know you" kinda way...

    Belated "Hi"

  • ahhh nice one. i wasnt sure whether to expect a skid or not lol

  • yeah you too! you seem to have a wheel on your back every time i see you. what do you do with them?!

  • Not me either! Been sentenced to the library :(

  • Got DAS'd near southgate road last night, delayed reaction by me and a paltry chirp was all that could be mustered. 2 D locks and macbook in the bag makes for weird weight shifts.

    Anyway, HI! whoever that was.

  • Not sure if they're On Here, but someone was riding South down Essex Road today on a rather nice Alan Record Carbonio about an hour ago. Sadly, I was busy being a buswanker, although I was holding a bike frame at the time.

  • Good to see you @I_am_Hingis!

  • Spinning like a washing machine on a vintage looking machine was none other than @Ecobeard this morning. I know you've a sturmey hub on that thing but what gearing was that??

  • Morning @PQR !

    Its this set up on the Super Lenton: 46t - 18t so (69GI I think?) with FM 4-speed medium ratio @ 12.5% increase, 14.3% and 33.3% decrease from normal.

    I was in the lowest gear so about 46GI, my maths is awful though.

    I just got a bit bored with the chap on the Boardman in full get up wobbling around behind/next to us, so I thopught I'd have a spiiiiiiiiiin.

  • Saw another Nelson locked up in balham on my way home, tried to take a photo of mine next to it but my phone died :/
    White seat, bar tape and deda drops on here?

  • Moog in Camberwell, no sign of a carrot.

  • @dimi3 , I am pretty sure, spinning around E&C and down towards Oval at around 8:15pm tonight.

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