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  • Riding with music is boss, fuck the haters.

  • Now I wish Chung would play some BO$$

  • I think if you're going to play music to everyone then you need to accept the criticism that will come your way.

  • Who is it that I keep sharing a nod with on the ramp into Paddington? We cross paths at about 6.20 on the entrance road with the barrier at the end...

  • .

  • possibly, @apollo last night riding by the Jolly Butchers possibly looking for signs of Easts being alive!

    (apologies was on the phone and recognition was too delayed to DAS!)

    (ps. there were forum-mongers inside as it was so cold)

  • Times like these you wish you had an electromagnet pulse detonator to knock out portable music devices. Especially that kid on the bus. B-)

  • That kid on the bus soon turns his music off once I've turned mine on.

  • I leave too early to catch @Chung on the OKR, which is a shame because I would definitely roll with him to a soundtrack.

  • Chap on orange frame, risers, T level bag getting into a verbal tussle with a ped at the Shaftesbury Ave/Charing Cross Rd junction. Looked like you might be on here.

  • Are you the dude that rides through Richmond park, ham gate?

    If so will DAS you next time and can I please have this:

  • Punkture at Berkeley square - good to chat. Definitely up for lunch next week.

    After we split I had to stop a lost car that had turned onto Berkeley square roundabout against traffic!

  • After we split I had to stop a lost car that had turned onto Berkeley square roundabout against traffic!

  • Polo biek, mallet strapped to top tube, beard, red hooded waterproof, Ortlieb messenger backpack with rims strapped to it.

    19:06 London Kings X to Lincoln.

    On here much?

  • Spotted @Chung (well his bike, locked up)

  • Rode through brixton this morn and got das'd by someone in the mass of drinking santa-clauses...
    That looked fun.

    Then about a min later by a dude running

  • Nope sorry. But it's going on the eclectic lfgss playlist
    @branwen you stalker :)
    @timbre I recognised the nelson and even yelled "Timbre" but it's not an easy word to yell. No skid but we were all plastered and ho-ho-ho-ing by 12:30 so the disappointment was quickly swallowed :)
    Santacon is the place to be! (even if it does leave you in bed by 10)

  • Ha thought I was walking when you das'd me? Maybe that was someone else...

    Didn't hear timbre tho will repay you with a skid next time I see you!

  • timbre did you ride down kingsland rd just before 2pm? if so I spotted you too. I was in civvies on my way to spin ldn on foot so you wouldn't have seen me.

  • Didn't quite go that Far East I don't think. But potentially yeah, was around that area about that time. How was Spin I went before but wasn't that impressed? Need something to do today.

  • Yeah you were but I thought you might have given us a little hop-step in lieu :)

  • DAS'ed for the first time in my life on Old Ford Road near Victoria Park. I was the Asian guy on the Nelson Pista.

    Apologies for the world's most pathetic skid.

  • Nelson Pista pandemic right now

  • @Scoot in ottolenghi today. Hai!

  • @ninelives Hey! The cake is flipping delicious, it made @Sumo very happy despite being a day late for his birthday. And of course it continued the day's cake theme very well.

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