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  • rowan williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, at Waterloo station

    I hope you both had a beard admiration moment....

  • Blonde girl on a brakeless grey Mash with bullhorns and stars on her tights. We were doing sycranised track stands outside Holloway station pretending to not look at each other.

  • with bullhorns and stars on her tights.

    Cool tights

  • Loic at Putney Bridge just now wearing a massive tent under a Brompton.
    Perfect outfit for the foul weather.

    Ha! Ponchos FTW!
    Good to see you, looking very pro-trourer, with that lovely bike!

  • Spotted a rider with a forum cap under a helmet and a grey Rapha jacket riding east on Stoke Newington Church street about 6:30-40 pm. You got a nod!
    Seconds before that, some dude on bmx with a skate on a back riding past Jolly Butchers the wrong way, who appered to be forum member slaytanic1.

  • Sweaty! Good to see ya. Been a while...

  • yal and someone else (couldn't see) at regent's park

  • Large Fixie crew heading north just now on Lower Clapton Rd. What's going on?

  • utfs ;)

  • yal and someone else (couldn't see) at regent's park

    Me, with a road bike..

  • Oh OK, spotter (I was with spotter) said it might be you but for some reason I discounted his opinion. Hope you're enjoying the bike!

  • Haha, just need to just to dial the saddle position in a bit but it's ace.

  • hey caz did you rode you rode bike?

    (apologies for Oliver-esqe joke)

  • That made me sound fairly stupid.. Haha! Edited.

  • hey caz did you rode you rode bike?

    (apologies for Oliver-esqe joke)

    This is insulting, the correct form of this excellent joke would of course have been 'Hey, Caz, so you rode your rode bike?'

  • Would have Oliver.. Trollface

  • no many ninja edits

  • Haha!

  • Guy Ritchie in a fackin' pie and mash shop on Charlotte St

  • Roboto dodging raindrops coming round the Old Street - Kingsland Road corner. I was in the pub, hence lack of DAS.

    Also, which one of you smug bastards rode past me in Victoria Park and said 'running's bad for you, you know' around 7am when I was honking my lungs up on my morning run? Rapha Gilet, Genesis road bike.

    I fucking know pal. I fucking know.

  • KTB on Whitehall, nice spot of a morning. Thanks for the plant exchange, I built a raised bed for veg and weeded the flower bed last weekend - gangsta4lyfe.

    Likewise - earlier start = more spotting +gardening chat. Definite win.

    Saw someone on a pale blue pearson in a forum cap going south over Putney Bridge at about 6.45 this evening. I was making a hash of changing lanes - as usual - before the lights.

  • blonde fella on dark green NJS.
    couldnt tell the make as he blidz'd it down KINGS ROAD , let out an almost demonick growl as he shot off, not sure whether it was due to his RATIO or because he was running on the most UN-GODLY of deep carbon wheels.

    looks to be so on here, if so....sweet bike BUD and S'UP.

  • Sharkpits on a road bike Waterloo Bridge this AM

  • saw dat ratty rossin with untaped drops and deep carbon rear being ridden

  • I know him....

    Will be having words ASAP.

    Good one, dakin, hope it works out.

    His Dad's bike.
    He got a bollocking from his dad but nothing more sinister than that.

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