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  • miss socks yesterday morning on the rye and brett down dog kennel hill in the evening (stealth spot).

  • Katie P OKR.. Reeking of chlorine.. Smiling as ever.. Lovely way to start the day.

    Awwwweee shucks! Swimming makes me sleepy.

  • Nice blue fixed gear Pompino and owner at Kalendar. If you are on here please get foot retention. Charles Dance just arrived, but not on his bike.

  • rhowe last night on Eton road

    I had to look Eton Road up. Yes indeedy, that was me.

    Sorry I didn't spot you - my left ankle's killing me at the moment.

    Edit: Green SS Holdsworth turning off Green Lanes onto Endymion Rd this morning. Shiny.

  • yesterday, about 7pm, Old St just across from LMNH - police loading a dozen or more fully grown cannabis plants into a van. The street smelled sweet.

  • so that's what that was. There was also quite a bit of activity outside The Bicycle Man a few doors down around the same time.

  • chainbreaker on london wall, trying to distract me from my wobbly trackstand!

  • Yo! Fade! Are you back in Londons then?

  • jacqui in hackney this afternoon. I'd just ridden down the canal and was thinking of you, then you rode past! Don't know you well enough to shout though :)

  • skydancer and mr Sargent on blackstock road.

  • Truli on balls pond road

  • Yasi a shining light in Finsbury Park:)

  • :) charging lights now :)

  • Two Lycra-clad individuals on Bayswater Road.

    1) Chap heading east dressed in full Lycra riding a Halfords double suspension mandem 1 brake special edition. You are the king of the road. You bossed that entire of road and were clearly giving it the beans from the minute you got on the road this morning. If that's what you use to commute then I salute you. You'd be deadly on carbon.

    2) Another fully-Lycra'd individual hoofing it along on a Boris Bike heading along the same stretch of road 40 minutes later. I have to admire the tuck position you adopted whilst flying down past Notting Hill Gate, heading towards Shepherds Bush roundabout. I'm not sure those machines were built to achieve those speeds.
    ^ This, made me lol.

  • The good will on this thread is sickening.


  • Yo! Fade! Are you back in Londons then?

    Yeah! Started my placement at the beginning of the month, and now I've just moved into a new place and got my bike back.

    So glad to be back!

  • Good to see you back! See you out and about soon, hopefully!

  • George Sportif blew past me at E&C and then I chased him down the OKR. Finally caught up after Tesco. We didn't recognize each other but I loved when he turned and said, "I was wondering when you were going to catch up." Then lols and a catch up. Turns out we're both on the forum. And I bought a stem from him 3 years ago. /storytime

  • Lady wearing black jeans, blue jacket(?) grey Mash, black deep rims at the Portland Place/Regents Park/Euston Road junction this evening around 18:45.

  • ^ Max Crowe again, he gets about, innit?

  • jayloo on brixton water lane yesterday evening.

    nice chatting to see you. beers in the regent soon now the weather is picking up

  • DAS'd, by a lovely lass, on the Old Kent Road just now. It's a lovely morning and you made my smile even wider the rest of the way to work..

  • Black, brakless, front 'spok. Upper Richmond Rd Putney just now.

  • Clarion driving his stickered up three-speed fixeh over Waterloo Bridge this morning.

    My thought processes were too slow to enable me to shout anything: I'd clocked the YACF jersey (which always looks to me like giant bloodshot eye) and then the carradice but I failed to put two and two together before you'd passed beyond decent hailing range.

  • This morning, Tooley St, this mob:

    Lovely day for it.

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