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  • Skully (Ben), by the sunny suffolk seaside, lovely to see you and how completely random finding you next to a graveyard a hundred miles from home!!! miss you guys a lot :-(

  • acknowledged a guy on a fixed surly at trafalgar roundabout. also das'd a guy on waterloo bridge.

  • I spot a chap quite often now riding a geared lo-pro, going past the Horniman.

    Always quite nice to see a bike that's not been puppy-killed, in use.

  • i am a big gay hoser...

    Yes you are! And wrong thread you gay hoser!

  • To matey I spoke to about my Belk on Wigmore street this morning, sorry if I was a bit vague, it consistently takes me about 4 hours to wake up properly, but yes, they are awesome bags, and you should definitely buy one.

  • Really nice brakeless Cinelli Vigorelli, Deda track bar, front and rear gatorskins. Kryptonited up to another nice steel-lugged bike outside the Phoenix in Denmark Hill on Thursday.

  • On Ditchling Beacon yesterday afternoon: 4 (maybe 5) guys riding fixed. Well, I say riding... 3 of them were walking up, the other was already at the top. South African from their accents. At least one Spok in evidence. Looked to be pushing quite big gears but the one I tried to chat to on the way past wasn't very forthcoming when I asked him what ratio, just "too big".

    Hope they did the sensible thing and caught the train home... the headwind on the way back was a bitch, would have been really miserable pushing a big gear.

  • Hellomiles was slain-ing his bike down the pavement in front of Barclays cowcross st this morning.

  • Dude on Cinelli Vigorelli heading down Queensbridge Road this morning at 10:15am. Pretty certain it's someone on here and would have DASd but was driving and the last time I tried DASsing someone whilst behind the wheel I think everyone thought I was being unnecessarily aggressive to cyclists.

  • A yell and a flash of Jimbilly's ginger locks on Stockwell Road this morning.

    Sorry I didn't make part two on Saturday...

  • Lexington St at 2:05pm, the lovely Nhatt Attack. Bobbinbird and I were in a passing blue taxi cab, so no time for DAS.

  • Saw loads of nice fixed on the roads this morning - made me smile. Oh - and there was a dick on a yellow Condor who thought it was a good idea to barge into a line of ordinary commuter cyclists going through Stockwell gyratory. Prat. Bet he drives his BMW (3-series, natch) like that, too.

    Offset by seeing someone on a Shorter. DAS? I never remember...

  • Do A Skid = DAS

  • The woe... nobody has spotted me ever, not once since I joined the forum.

    A reminder: bald, light blue fuji, bagaboo bag, bike tatt on right leg, faraway look in eye, can't DAS.

    Spot me before I start thinking I'm Bruce Willis in 6th Sense.

  • Why is the above post blank? Who is it from?

  • Yes, almost like there's nobody there, strange.

  • woah... did you guys feel that?

    just got really chilly in here for a second... creepy

  • I'll start throwing shit around, then they'll notice me.

  • can you guys smell something?

  • Something touched my neck something touched my neck!

  • slinks away with his hands unnecessarily covered in shit

    *simultaneously provokes the question "When is it ever necessary to have your hands covered in shit?" *

  • Dude on Cinelli Vigorelli heading down Queensbridge Road this morning at 10:15am.

    Really nice brakeless Cinelli Vigorelli, Deda track bar, front and rear gatorskins.

    Sandwich? (Jacklet)

    In other news...


  • Did you phone that last post in from the distant future, Jack? Krazy...

  • Weirrrrd...

  • i lifted a create bike in uni today (i touch other peoples bikes when they're locked up, it's not very nice but i can't help myself) it was really bloody heavy.

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