Overshoes, waterproof socks: Both? Neither and just get wet?

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  • I've got them, they are not bad but not great eaither, there is not much adjustability on the velcro. Your feet do get wet still but it takes alot longer and they stay warm even when it's cold and wet.

  • Good stuff, may have to purchase some unless there are any others that are much better that are still under £20.

  • Try ebays for those overshoes. Sold by sjs still but hrough ebay, comes up cheaper. I got mine for about 10 GBP with postage I seem to recall, cheaper than their website.

  • overshoes for me - gore windstopper things. Also useful when it's cold and dry

  • I got some sealskinz socks recently, and not only waterproof, but also toasty warm, despite cold and mesh mtb shoes.

  • ordered some endura overshoes today, after i couldn't feel my toes for 45 mins after i got home last night.

  • My sealskinz did nowt last night in that nightmare, feet were soaked after 5 mins!!!
    Must have run down my legs, over shoes and sealskinz are a great combo, if one fails, the other kicks in, plus overshoes keep out the wind.

  • I will be "testing" a pair of these out again this winter

  • Murts, when was the last time you could actually reach your toes? ;-)

  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    i'll have you know i'm very flexible..........oooh me back!!

  • I got my overshoes from PBK, I think they're the Pro ones as well. I'm not going downstairs to check though, too bloody cold!
    Woolly socks are ace though. I buy wool mix walking socks from ASDA, about £5 for 2-3 pairs. They're really good in the wet, you might get wet feet, but they do stay warm. I survived 550km of pissing rain in PBP last year (until my knee blew up and I had to pull out), so I feel confident in my recommendation there.

  • The temperature isn't that low at the moment.

    Are you joking? commuting home at 12 in the middle of the night it's bloody freezing!

  • toe warmers for icy cold days. BBB neoprene overshoes for really wet days.

  • Cross country ski socks (thick wool sole, thin wool top)

    • Lake CX120 bike shoes
    • cheapo overshoes

    This combination is nice and warm. I really like the way the overshoes enhance the fit of the shoes. When pulling the pedals on the up stroke I feel a much firmer connection.
    Is this what those belgian sock thingys are all about? or is that just for aero considerations?

    Make sure if you have MTB shoes that you buy MTB overshoes though. I did'nt, and the soles of my overshoes are starting to look f**ked after about 6 months use.

  • what I don't understand, with all this moaning about water getting in the overshoes, is why no one has put their tights on over the top bit of the overshoe. Seems simple enough to me?

    Yes, I'm dredging up this thread b/c I remember I asked about socks somewhere and Sainsbury's Ed answered. Now I'm off to another thread to figure out which one it was.

  • #dredge

    Anyone use Sealskinz socks? They get super mixed reviews and don't seem too durable. Forgetting about waterproofness, do they keep feet any warmer than, say, a pair of merino socks?

  • I never found them warmer than a good pair of merinos no. Also, the double layer thing wasn't the best for walking in; fine for riding in though.

    I lost one of my pair so I have a spare single you can have if you want to test it?

  • hehe I just need to find someone who has lost the other side :)

    To be honest it doesn't sound like they're much chop. How thick were the merino socks you were comparing to? Like Woolie Boolie thick or cheapie PX merino thick?

  • I used a pair of Aldi waterproof sealskinz knock offs all last autumn/winter, only just stopped using them, and was pleasantly surprised. Kept out water, fairly breathable and noticeably warmer than a pair of regular socks in whatever choice of fabric. For £13, I can’t complain.

  • I think Aldi are pretty sparse around us. I reckon I might just take sandwich bags like I used to do :)

  • The socks were Rapha winter socks which aren't too think but warm and some Inov8 running socks which were seriously warm (and I have Raynaurds so that is saying something). They were Mudsocks which I don't think you can still get but these are close: https://www.inov-8.com/merino-sock-high

  • Their site wasn't working but searching Amazon for them makes me think they're not going to be big enough. It does suggest these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rockay-Accelera­te-Anti-Blister-Running-Compression/dp/B­07D41VYB1/ They look like thicker merino than I have and in an ankle cut which means no tendon problems.

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Overshoes, waterproof socks: Both? Neither and just get wet?

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