• I do, they're warm but a bit small.

  • Wore my winter cycling tights for the first time yesterday, nice and toasty, mostly well made but the damn waffle/nappy insert really is too small or badly positioned, feels like your arse is hanging out the back. Would have been great without it, not sure it's worth trying to unpick it.
    The merino base layer top has been good, even wore it in the sea a couple of weeks ago, it's genuinely warm when wet much better than polyester. A bit mean on the arm length but would buy another.

  • The new aldi winter gloves are decent, worn them in 0 degrees and been ok...

  • gloves are warm but fecking stink after 2-3 rides....

    wore the winter tights once and may try and shrink them on a hot wash....kept me warm but they were always on the move.

    Socks are fine...Seal skinz for proper wet weather but the aldi ones do a job

  • Picked up bib and jersey. Jersey, not sure I'm going to keep, but the bibs seem about the same quality as dhb.
    Full winter of testing coming up.
    Also picked up the last merino long johns for a reduced amount, which was good as I need some.

  • I picked up a pair of the bibs too. I find that the pad is not in the right position at all, Too far forward to its no where near the arse. I know other people have found this with previous aldi tights. Haven't tried them on the bike yet, think i'll return them

  • Conversely - what brand/make of shorts has the pad in a most arserly direction?

    I find even with non aldi stuff that it tends to slip too far forwards (something to do with my gut and spindly legs probably). Solution? Pref not rapha.

  • Conversely - what brand/make of shorts has the pad in a most arserly direction?

    I've got some endura shorts and 3/4 length tights, fit right and have lasted 15+ years.
    Probably something to do with the designers noticing their arses were around the back.

  • Finally got round to trying out the Aldi overshoes I bought during that sale.

    They have no means to tighten themselves up around your ankles, meaning they are baggy and open at the top to let the wet in.

    So that gives me:

    Leggings - chamois pad is in the wrong place (basically at the front rather than underneath)

    Compression top - doesn't wick.

    Merino top - not stretchy and itchy

    Overshoes - let water in

    In conclusion, everything I bought from the aldi cycling sale was not fit for purpose.

    Would not recommend anyone buys any of their cycling gear next time it comes around.

  • Their ladies padded shorts are ace

  • I love my ladies Merino tops and trousers, they wick really well.

  • I've had no major issues with my bibs (rides up to 70 miles), merino was great and still is, but the cycling jacket is awful.
    I'd give

  • I've got merino tights, merino jumper (think it's actually a womans one) and a L/S jersey, all perform well and i would recommend them. I know someone who really likes the winter gloves they got aswell

  • My commuto-coat is great. Has never let water through to whatever top I'm wearing. Roasting though.

  • Deep winter gloves win

  • The toolkit and commuter shorts I bought in summer are both serving their purpose really nicely.

  • I've got: winter gloves - great; merino top - also great.

  • winter gloves, fine aside from their 'BIKING' logo. I'd rather have ALDI written on them. Or 'git' for that matter.

  • Just remembered I also got a pair of the cycling socks which are pretty good so yes to be fair not ALL bad.

  • winter gloves, fine aside from their 'BIKING' logo. I'd rather have ALDI written on them. Or 'git' for that matter.

    letters can be selectively picked off

    you could have 'BI'

    or 'KING'

    or 'IKI'

  • My Aldi gloves don't have that. There's a strip of reflective stuff by the thumb, that's it.

  • ^^ I now have a reflective B available. Pick up from Sheffield, or posted at cost.

  • Do you accept $$V? ($notty$exVouchers)

  • I got a compression base top + pant from aldi'/lidl about 2 years ago, think they were about £8 + £12 each? Worn them A LOT and apart from a bit of bobbling around the nipples and elbows they are fine, really warm, fit (me) perfectly with a decent length on the back, washed over and over again and you wouldn't know it.

    Also not sure how many they have left but there is a random discount shop in Falkirk knocking out all sizes of Altura Varium softshell /waterproof road/mtb jackets for £39 down from about £130 retail. Worn mine a few times, it is genuine, its not a second (I'm in the textile product business so know mostly what to look for in terms of faults!) its cosy, waterproof/windrpoof, it doesn't weight much and can be packed into rear jersey pocket if needed and it actually allows sweat out*

    *This is the first cycling jacket I've ever had that breaths anywhere close to the amount of sweat that can be produced. ONly neg is the upper arms are a bit baggy for road (they flap a bit) unless you have monster dumbbell crafted guns

  • How random on London fixed gear.

    The shop on Melville street? I'll pop in this week cheers Brickman

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Where to, boss? ALDI, and step on it! Cheap Aldi Cycling Stuff

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