Fitting Keirin grips

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  • The superior aerosol lubricant ;]

  • Place between three or four zipties through the inside of the grip then slide the grips onto the bar. It's nice and wasy as the zipties holds the rubber away from the bars for friction-less ease. When the grips are in place pull the zip ties out (With a pair of pliers if needs be).


    Did this. Worked well thanks! Add a bit of water inside and it was even easier.

  • Mr Muscle works a treat. Spray a touch direct to the handle bar then apply.You may need to remove excess under the grip if it's too slidy still.

    This idea is good for house hold without any 'man' tools.

  • use the wooden cone thingy that is used to put new rubber grips on cricket bats

  • Close your eyes, sneeze, then hold your nose. Should go on no problem. If not, cover yourself in vics vapour rub.

  • Lynx Africa.

  • saopy water. Dries away overnight.

  • hairspray is what i've always used, then it cements the grips in place also.

  • Hairspray is the winner.

  • zzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Jizz

  • hairspray hairspray hairspray. failing heat the grips in a pan of water on the boil, and roll the grips off like a condom if you get stuck half way. then repeat hairspray and roll and twist on.

  • wd40

  • copydex glue

  • rancid yogurt or soya

  • I fitted some Soyo Long Grips about a month ago. I tried hot water, spit, petrol and hair spray. Hair spray was the outright winner, although it was still a tough job. Like you said, they barely fit over the end of the bars anyway, so you've really got to push and twist, push and twist like your life depends on it. And don't stop, the moment they stop, that's where they stay.

    I did find however, the grips act as an excellent exfoliant on the palms. I removed at least a couple of layers of skin from my hands installing the Soyos. The grain of those grips is quite aggressive, do be careful.

  • Bloody hells bells! Has no one invented an easy way to get grips on - it's driving me nuts. Put some Ourys on a few months back, a bit tricky, I used a little nail polish remover and they went on proper good. I took them off recently (with wd 40 and straw) to fit a different colour, one has gone on perfectly, but the other just will not stay on, it's like there's grease under neath it. I have cleaned the grip and handle bar but still very slippery grip - woe is me!

  • hair

  • display mount.
    it's like a skinhead version of spray mount.

  • WDfuckin'40. fly on, dry in 5 mins.

  • Massive thread dredge here but since this is the first Google result for this and there's not really a clear answer on the thread, thought I'd post my experience for the benefit of future kierin grip installers.

    NJS kierin grips are designed for 25.6mm clamp bars, which are narrower than usual. Putting them on those, you may be able to get them on with WD40 (RE WD40 and hairspray: they both do exactly the same thing except WD40 dries quicker - usually done in an hour or two, hairspray can take a day or so).

    If you're putting them on 31.8mm clamp bars (I was putting them on a set of Deda Velocitas) they are an absolute git and WD40 is not enough. I did the first with it (as that's what I've been using for 15 years) and it took me over an hour, most of the skin off my hand and all the swear words I know. The second I soaked in hot soapy water. Boom. Done in 30s.

  • I dunno how/why anyone uses wd40 for grips.

    It’s a penetrating oil. I’d not put it anywhere near anything I wanted to stay in place.


    Only way to fit grips. Works a treat every time and no chance of slipping or waiting for anything to dry.

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Fitting Keirin grips

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