• If you need something 'official' with a bit of weight behind it, cyclehelmets.org is probably still the place to look, although it hasn't been updated for some time.

    This is why I want to find out what the latest, as there are others sites that are up to date with evidences/information that wearing one is safer/etc.

  • Mmmmmm...

    It definitely has that "Grrrr, I'm a sssssuper ssssserioussss roadie" look about it.

  • I think it's been researched pretty much to death, Ed. Cycle helmets are still nonsense. If there was any point to them, it would have been found by now.

  • Sweet protection do a few nice casual ones

  • Carnac whenever PX have them on offer at £15 or less.

  • I have one of the retroreflective Carnacs at the moment that's great (other than the roadie looks) and I actually ordered another one in black a month or so ago. Different model but the same large-extra large 58-61cm size and it was visibly much smaller than the one I have and wouldn't even go on my head.

    I contacted PX and they said they'd changed supplier for the helmets and that was why the difference in sizing.

    The dial on my current one is always done right up so I must at the smaller end of the size range but the new ones are just a different shape or something.

  • I've ordered a Brand-X EH1 that I intend to remove the peak from and think it'll make fairly nice innocuous helmet that'll suit all the riding I do and I can always chuck the peak back on if I'm shredding the gnar on the mtb.

  • May I suggest that the thread you want is this one? :)


  • Ate tarmac and got knocked tfo.

    Memory is a bit shot to shit, and I got to remember that my father had died all over again.

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  • Sounds rough. Hope you're on the mend.

  • woah who let george clooney in the room?

  • woah who let george clooney in the room?

    Careful, he might forget he’s not actually George Clooney.

    Heal up soon.

  • Need a new helmet and like the look of the Met Strale. They mention a 'dualgel' front helmet pad. Anybody have any experience of this stuff? n.b. I sweat a lot and am thinking it won't work for me...

  • I had a helmet with that and hated it. I sweat a normal amount and it was horrendous.

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Remember kids... always wear a helmet. (The almighty bikeradar helmet thread)

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