• ...being able to have both should be quite doable.

    TBF I have jug-handle ears, so "no" :(

  • This article may be of some interest. It's got all the data and that https://rowanmyboat.wordpress.com/2015/1­2/02/cycling-do-you-really-need-a-helmet­/

  • Nice ref to Abdominal. I have him as a friend on fb and I don't remember why (I missed his gigs in the UK).

  • Haha nice. Yeah he was all over the place like 10 years ago. DJ Format and all that jazz

  • Seen him perform once or twice, was good.

  • Ah! I remember why! I used to listen to the Circle Research show, after buying their vinyl releases way back. He's their friend, featured on songs and on the show. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Fat man in lycra and 'keen cyclist' councillor John Byrne convinces Bolton Council to petition UK gov to make helmets compulsory. Here we go again. Bangs head on desk http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/news/1­4130373.Council_will_call_on_Government_­to_make_cycle_helmets_compulsory/

  • erm - where's your helmet, john?

  • Who can fail to see the logic of "He has personal experience of the vital importance of cycle helmets..." and "...the doctors said..."?

    In Australia and New Zealand it is compulsory to wear cycle helmets...”. Hmmm. I wonder what effect this has had?

    Motorcyclists have to wear helmets and they are on the road the same as cyclists, so why shouldn’t it be the same?” Good point John! Could we also make a full set of leathers compulsory cycling wear?

  • I'd be more concerned about the loose Luco bottle rattling out and becoming a hazard to other riders.

  • GMP Radcliffe @GMPRadcliffe Dec 14
    Any cyclist who doesn’t wear a helmet is asking for trouble. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious head/brain injuries in an accident

  • Sometimes the people who manage the social media accounts for old bill are as thick as mince.

    GMP Radcliffe @GMPRadcliffe 4m4 minutes ago @edspindrift If you think I am unintelligent I will bow down to your superior knowledge of health and safety and say Goodbye.

    A sulky copper, whatever next. All I did was ask why peds don't get blamed for not wearing stupid plastic hats.

  • I don't have twitter but

    @Jasondodd111 @mindful_man So you want a scientist who is a specialist in safety equipment to do the Racliffe Twitter account?

    Needs to be pointed out that we wouldn't ask a 'safety equipment specialist' for policing advice.

  • That's not all you did really. I agree with your message but your choice of language isn't ideal if you're trying to educate and inform. You might find people aren't terribly receptive to your message if you treat the discussion like a punch up.

  • these keystone kops operations are run by a laughably sensitive man-child who accuses anyone that dares question his motives of being a troll before blocking them.



  • Possibly. Being told I'm "asking for trouble" by the same people who would investigate my being hit by a car when I haven't done anything wrong is annoying.

  • GMP Radcliffe @GMPRadcliffe 4m4 minutes ago The tweet I put on upsetting a number of cyclists was about protecting your head from injury if you came off your bike.It was worded badly.

  • Folding helmet http://www.morpherhelmet.com/

    The designer appears to be of the "I fell off and a helmet saved my life so everybody should wear one" school.

    It's been designed for all those Boris bikers who don't wear helmets (and also suffer very few serious injuries but that doesn't seem to be mentioned ...)

  • Heh. As ever, John Adams passim:


  • In an extraordinary study, Dr Tim Gamble and Dr Ian Walker, from the University of Bath’s department of psychology, have shown that wearing a helmet is likely to increase sensation-seeking

    Nominative determinism?

  • It's aimed at the policy debate. There is clear evidence that compulsory helmets (and, by implication, higher helmet-wearing rates) have a negative impact at a population level. As the helmet advocates have realised the public policy debate has blown up in their faces, they produce constant scaremongering about not wearing a helmet in order to influence individuals and then push their products on them, hoping that at some point wearing rates will be so high as to persuade more governments to make them compulsory. Trying to get in by the back door.

  • What's in it for anyone other than manufacturers though?

  • The emotional kick of persuading people that your strongly held views are correct and then influencing them to behave in a way that you approve of.

    Religion innit?

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Remember kids... always wear a helmet. (The almighty bikeradar helmet thread)

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