Anti-Theft Bike Design

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  • I thought this was quite humorous and a good way to put off the thieves.

    Clickety Click

  • Haha, that's a pretty cool idea. I'm tempted :S

  • I like that idea! Blurb sounds a bit tongue-in-cheek which is fair enough..
    Perhaps someone could combine this with boring frame protection patches so that the stickers protect the frame aswell?
    For me it's always the seatstays, top-tube + fork blades that could get scratched when I lock-up - they're still not covered up...

  • but it makes your bike look scratched and rusty

  • not a bad idea but i'll stick to black tape

  • I just ride a shitty bike.....

  • I always have a plastic bag in my rucksack to tie over the seat. Makes your bike look like a complete piece of shit instantly.

    Oh hang on, my old bike was a complete piece of shit.

    Ah, but the saddle was nice thogh. And it never got nicked.

  • not really a serious idea, but they do look really nicely made and presented. cool.

  • remind me of skids!­m

    do a skid!

  • gaffer tape FTW

  • This is anti-theft bike design:

  • ^ ha ha

  • i can haz unipak stikr?

  • Dominic Wilcox is the man, he gave a lecture at my uni last year. When he was younger he shaved a patch of his head and glued an on/off switch to it, which he left there for about a month...

  • ?

  • opps

  • Hey hey hey!!!! Don't think you're getting away that easy!!! Read the rules fucknut!

  • ... specifically the first post in this thread:

  • kinda dumb question, but is that bike rideable?
    assuming it is, where do i get such wheels? :)

  • kinda dumb question, but is that bike rideable?
    assuming it is, where do i get such wheels? :)

    Its twisted spoke.­Spoke-Bicycle-Wheel-Lacing---flowers!/ shows one way but the one in the picture is a two cross (where the spokes cross) three maybe four twist design. Quite easy to do but takes ages and the spok length calculation can be a hit and miss

  • I think that spoke pattern is called snow flake, and I think you have to build them yourself unless your friendly wheel builder will do it for you.

  • give a year and stickers like that will super cool. thieves will jack the fresh, new looking bikes

  • Snowflake wheels always make me smile... awful!

  • I used to really want a front one, but now I look at them and cringe.

  • Poor functionality + dreadful aesthetics = pukes on cock + pisses on face

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Anti-Theft Bike Design

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