Cold Riding

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  • same as minhdinh, its all about layers.
    head: wooly hat (fifocycles do great warm cycling hats)
    top:icebreaker longsleeve layer
    merino wool tshirt (outlier do the best, you can order them online at or get them at tokyo fixed)

  • and on the bottom, icebreaker leggings and merino wool sock (sugino or smartwool).
    i wear either bibs or cycling shorts underneath the whole lot and a patagonia sweatshirt thing or the amazing swrve miwaukee es jacket.

    find it better to wear layers as you can take a layer off when in the warm and put it back later. Wont sweat so much in merino wool either and its really soft, so no itching.

    never found the best gloves although those sealskins mentioned above look great

  • I generally dislike wearing anything but a well fitted T-shirt, Shorts, a pair of gloves, Pearl Izumi ELITE Gel 2009ed and a Beanie Hat.

    I sweat enough as it is whilst cycling. Cycling should be work most of the time so I usually push myself, you keep warm this way, don't stroll. Keep hydrated on your journey's, and well nutritioned.

    Only thing that get's cold is my hands.
    Gloves is a must for me.

  • Glad it's not just me, I quite like being able to eat more though.

    scince the cold weather came i have been riding roughly the same amount, but oh my the hunger has increased! i havnt put on any significant weight but im probably eating twice as much as normal. its pretty amazing how much extra energy is needed when riding in the cold.

  • was -12 here today. debating buying a balaclava. and lots of merino. and electric hand warmers. and a car to drive in. oh. i have a car. and feet. i need warm feet. nothing i have from the super-roubaix tights to the seal skinz gloves is going to handle this... faark. might just move my turbo into the sauna and spin away in the buff.

  • "I couldn’t used anti perspiration deodorant because it froze"

    "Gents: Put a sock, spare glove or buff in your underpants, its an extremity you don’t want to lose."­g-and-cycling-clothing/


  • I regularly used the third sock when I was riding in Canada in the winter. I recommend the really long hiking ones to avoid constriction.

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Cold Riding

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